14″ Bru Jne 4 head

I finished touch up paint of the bisque and this is completed head of 14″ Bru Jne 4.              I like the looks of this head and I think I am going to use her to make a complete doll.           I took her pictures outside this time to capture true color of the bisque. The way light reflects on her antique eyes is very different from when I took her photos under studio lights.  Her wig is still temporary and I have not decided which type of wig I will use for her. She looks great with this human hair wig but I also want to try mohair wig.  I will be working on her  body next.

最後のタッチアップの絵付けが終わり、14インチの4号ヘッドの完成です。        今回は実際の色に近いビスクの感じを出すため、屋外で撮影してみました。アンテイークアイの光の反射の仕方も、照明下と比べてずいぶん違います。 ウッグは、まだ決めていません。今つけてもらっている人毛のウィッグも良い感じですが、モヘアも試してみる予定です。次はボデイーの制作に取り掛かります。

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