Making dress for 14 inch Bru

I am starting sewing again! It’s been three months since I used sewing needles last time.  I am still unable to lift heavy object with my right arm but recovered enough to be able to sew at least. I never realized how much sewing causes stress on my shoulder and neck muscle till I injured them. I am working cautiously and taking a break every 30 min to avoid over working muscle but I am just so happy that I can finally push needle without much pain.   I will be making a dress for 14 inch Bru first because I love her face and that increases my motivation. I can not create a quality doll if I don’t have that ” wanting” feeling inside of me.   I picked these red antique silk fabrics for her. She is definitely a pink or red kind of girl. I have been feeling bit low for last few months by looking at naked dolls on my desk while I could not work on them. But now I got that excitement back again and want to finish them so badly!

3か月ぶりに、やっと裁縫ができるようになりました! まだ右手で重い物を持ったりはできないのですが、とりあえず針を通す事が出来るまでには回復しました。

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many inquiries about my dolls but I am not able to respond occasionally because sender’s email address is not valid address or sender’s name is not written. In case you are one of who did not receive response from me, here are answers to frequent asked questions.

Q : Do you take any custom orders?

A : Unfortunately I do not take any custom orders including dress only or head only.

Q : Are new dolls posted on blog available?

A : Dolls I am making currently are for exhibition in Japan this fall and not available to public. Hopefully I will be making more dolls for sale to public from my website next year as my physical condition improves.

Q : How do I purchase your new doll when it’s available from website?

A : I can only create very few dolls per year now and I post progress of new doll on my blog and Facebook, Instagram when I start making. Please email me to inquire about dolls that you are interested including price. I often have multiple buyers by the time doll is finished and use lottery system to choose a buyer. Each doll have fixed price and it is not an auction. My email address is  You will get response faster if you include your name and email address in the mail. I do not respond to email without sender’s name or correct email address.



Bru Jne 4 head

I completed Bru Jne 4 head to make 14 inch doll. She turned out to have sweet face and I am very pleased. I took photos with Bru Jne 6 head side by side and you can see how different they are. I am taking both of them to sales event in Tokyo this fall.



メトロポリタン美術館では、源氏物語の特別展示を開催していて、古典に混じってなんと大和和紀さんの”あさきゆめみし”の原画が展示されていて、往年のファンとしては原画がみれて感無量。😭 日本の漫画家さんのイラストには芸術的価値があるとかねてより思っていましたが、それが認められたみたいで嬉しいです!私にとってはルノワールと同じくらい価値のある作品です。帰ってきてさっそく”あさきゆめみし”一気読みしています。ほかにも、ロックの殿堂入りしたミュージシャンの貴重な楽器の特別展示があり、あのビートルズのドラム、ギターやジミヘンのギター、イーグルスのダブルヘッドギターなどなど、この機会でなければお目にかかれない名器がゾロリで、よい思い出に。メトロポリタン、やるなー!


メトロポリタン美術館 源氏物語展の大きなバナー!












Bru Jne 6 head

Soon as my neck is feeling little better, I could not wait to finish Bru head I was working on. ( sorry doctor, being a bad patient here😣)
This is Bru Jne 6 head to make 16” doll, one of doll I will be taking to Japan this fall.

首の調子が少し良くなったら、どうしても作りかけのヘッドを完成させたくて絵付けしてしまいました。(悪い患者ですみません、ドクター😣)           この子は秋に日本へ連れて行く予定のBruJne6です。完成すると40センチくらいになります。

Two Bru Heads

I was working on these two Bru heads, 14 inch Bru Jne 4 and 16 inch Bru Jne 6 before my neck gave out. I will finish these dolls for exhibition in Japan in this fall soon as I am able to get back to doll making.

首の故障が起きる直前までこの二つのヘッドの制作をしていました。14インチのBruJne4と16インチのBru Jne6です。

April Doll Club Meeting

I hosted Sierra Nevada Doll Club ( local UFDC doll club) monthly meeting at my house. Each member takes turn to host monthly meeting in our club and April was my turn this year. We welcomed three new members recently so we had thirteen members including me gathered in my house. Meeting hostess usually provides lunch and gives doll related program. I decided to talk about different types of Eden bebe since I make reproduction of Eden bebe often. There are so many unknown facts about Eden bebe so instead of going deep with history of the doll, I focused mainly about facial features of different models of Eden bebe and similarities with other French brand bebe dolls. Many of our members were not familiar with Eden bebe and I am glad I was able to show something new to learn.We all received Easter basket as take home gift at the end of the meeting, it was a fun day with my doll friends!

I received many get well email from all over the world since my last posting. Thank you so much for thinking of me!  I have arthritis at base of my cervical spine and getting worse each year. Long hours of desk work such as sewing and painting, working on PC are the worst activities for my condition. I had to refrain from these activities till my inflammation calms down. My pain is much better after being treated with medication and working out more at gym. I am slowly getting back on doll making and I will be concentrating on making dolls for two exhibitions scheduled in Japan this fall. Still not able to tolerate long hours of sewing and paintings but I can work on casting and body making for now. I was going to make more dolls available to public through my website but unfortunately I am not able to this year. I need to reduce my work hours in order to take care of my neck. I am sorry for disappointing many fans who were waiting for my new doll. Hopefully I can create more dolls next year. 🙂


Sierra Nevada Doll Club members at my house

I gave program about different types of Eden bebe

I used my antique Eden bebe and FG doll as study model

Taking a little break

My neck and shoulder pain has been bothering for more than I can bear lately. I went to see a doctor and I am in the middle of treatment right now. I will be taking a break from doll making till I can tolerate desk work again. Hopefully it won’t be too long. Meanwhile, I had a surprise visitor in my back yard the other day. A wild Bobcat! I have been living in this house for 20 years and this is the first time he came this close to the house. What a beautiful animal!


He looks like a regular cat when sleeping

What a beautiful face!

He has very long legs and so tall. Definitely not a house cat!


Dolls by the Seaside event

I left winter wonderland Nevada and headed to warmer and greener Monterey Bay area California to attend Dolls by the Seaside event organized by UFDC Independent Spirits Doll Club California.  It was two and half day event and high-light of this trip for me was tour to the Grovian Museum ( Carmel Doll Shop) and event sales room, Seaside Banquet with Alan Scott Pate. They also had ticketed luncheon, doll dialogues, helper room and people’s choice exhibition of doll costumed in beach attire. I had best time spending few days with doll friends, meeting with new people, admiring breathtaking dolls. ( and shopping!)  Please enjoy photos from this wonderful event. 🙂

カリフォルニア州のUFDCドールクラブ主催のDolls by the Seasideというイベントに参加するためです。
金土日と週末二日半のイベントだったのですが、私の目的はカーメルドールショップとそのお店に併設されているグロービアン美術館へのツアー、セールスルームでの材料の仕入れ、そしてアラン. スコット. ペイトさんのプログラム付き晩餐会です。そのほかにもセミナー付きのランチ、コンペなど多彩なプログラムがありました。

I took train first time to California due to heavy snow.

Then drove through green valleys in California, So beautiful.

We arrived Seaside CA near Monterey Bay where event took place

We arrived at Carmel Doll Shop and Grovian Museum!

Inside shop was full of beautiful dolls

I could just live here with these Bru bebes

Back to the hotel for more fun programs!

Doll dialogues by Alan Scott Pate

Doll dialogues by John Paul Port

Always fun to learn about paper dolls from Maryll Goldsmith

Time for shopping!

Mary Simonton’s room

Alan Scott Pate’s room

Christine Shiveley Benjamin’s room

Banquet with Alan Scott Pate

His program was about Japanese Dolls and Ritual Destruction, very interesting theme.

Center piece was designed based on Alan’s subject. How beautiful!

12 inch Bru is now SOLD

Thank you so much everyone for visiting my blog to view my new doll and so many inquiries. This little bebe found a new owner as of this morning. I already emailed lucky winner so if you did not receive email from me by now, unfortunately you did not get the doll. I wish I could make everyone a winner .. 🙁    I am planing to make one more Bru doll for sale available to public this year. Please look forward to my next creation!

新作のBru嬢にたくさんのご応募ありがとうございました。応募は今朝6時をもって締め切らせていただきました。先ほど抽選を行い、当選者の方とは連絡を取りました。私から直接メールが届かなかった皆さんは、残念ながら落選となります。申し訳ありません。(;^ω^) 今年はもう一体ネット販売用のBruを制作予定です。そして秋にはまた東京で展示会を予定しているので、今回ご縁が無かった皆さんも、楽しみにしていて下さいね!