17 inch Eden Bebe by Sayuri for Sale

This is my very first time to offer a fully dressed Eden bebe for sale. She will also be my last doll available this year. I will be taking a break from doll making till end of this year in order to concentrate on nursing work. I will resume doll making next year but if you are planing to purchase my doll this year, please do not miss this opportunity! I will list her for sale for 7 days and use lottery to chose a buyer since I already have multiple offers at this time. She has a fixed price and it is not an auction. If you are interested in purchasing this doll, Please email me at bebesbysayuri1@gmail.com to inquire about this doll and to apply for lottery. I accept paypal payment, bank transfer and personal checks from domestic customers. Sales period ends on Sunday October 2nd 4:00 am US pacific time. I will email ONLY to a winner to notify so if you do not hear from me on next Sunday, unfortunately you are not a winner this time. Okay, that’s enough talking. Here are photos of this gorgeous Eden bebe you have been waiting for. Enjoy!




Her face is painted as ” Sawako”  type Eden bebe. Her wig is an antique mohair wig in ash blond color. I set high dome antique oval eyes for this doll to create more authentic look.


She has pierced ears and wearing vintage blue glass earrings.


I made her dress using antique materials entirely including yards of silk ribbons to trim edge of the lace. She comes with antique silver doll mesh purse and a little all bisque doll that she is holding.


She is wearing bustle pad underneath to puff up the back of the dress.


She is wearing chemise and bustle pad, drawers made with antique cotton fabric.


I made her articulated composition body from mold and finished with antiqued paint.


She is very good at sitting. お座りも上手です。

Her bonnet is also made entirely by hand using antique materials.


I made these shoes using Jumeau shoes pattern since she has Jumeau body. I used  black lambskin leather for upper part and decorate with brown silk bows. It has Jumeau bee stamp at sole.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoyed seeing my new doll!



Photo from customer

I received this wonderful picture of AT from my customer.
I made the head in the past and customer found the antique body for the head and dressed her beautifully. She looks gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this lovely photo !


Bonnet and shoes for my Eden bebe

My Eden bebe is almost completed ! I just finished her bonnet and shoes. I only have to make her under garment ( as my bad habit, I make underwear at very last….) after this.



I used antique ecru silk fabric for base and decorated with lots of antique organdy and antique silk ribbon.


It looks like this when I put it  on the wig.


Added few vintage millinery flowers on side as an accent.


Back view of the bonnet. I could have decorated more at the edge of the bottom section  but did not have enough antique ribbon.Too bad ..


I made her shoes by using Jumeau shoes pattern.  I thought Jumeau shoes would be suitable for her because antique Eden bebe often have Jumeau body.


I am going to finish her under garment this weekend. I am hoping to list Eden bebe for sale sometime next week.  Please look forward to her final revealing!


Eden Bebe Dress

My summer just came and went. It’s already September and I am still working on the doll I started in June. I hope you forgive me for taking so long because I am trying to adjust my  life to new routine right now.                                                                                                    Hey, at least I finished the hardest part , “the dress making” !

This dress has different style than what I have been making for many years. I often make taylored style  jacket dress or drop waist dress for my dolls. But I wanted to take different approach this time since this is my first time to make a dress for Eden bebe. Actually I have been wanting to make dress like this for long time but  didn’t have the doll looks right with this style. The design itself is not very complicated but I wanted to achieve antique look by decorating entire dress with more intricate parts. As I posted on my previous entry, most of my time was consumed by making lace parts. I hope this paying extra attention to detail is reflecting on quality of the dress.