Corset and undergarments of 30″ Bru

I finished making undergarments and a corset for my 30″ Bru. I used ladies antique petticoats to make chemise , drawers and petticoats.  I was able to use tucking of petticoats without resizing since this doll is so large. I spent extra time making her corset luxurious and it really shows nicely on her. I know you won’t see a corset once you dress the doll but it’s nice to know that your special doll is fully dressed from top to bottom, inside and outside just like a real girl during the Victorian era.I used vintage kimono obi belt fabric for the outer layer of the corset. Japanese silk obi often have beautiful delicate patterns yet are very sturdy and perfect to make a corset. I used an antique baleen for stay. This Bru body is almost the size of a small child and it allows me to add more details on her costume which makes it very fun to work with.

*( This doll is reserved)*