Fabrics for Mulatto Bru

I am going to use these mint greenish tone antique silk fabrics for my new Bru. I tend to pick warmer color for brown complexion dolls so this is a new challenge 😆 These fabrics were part of a silk gown from 19th century. I am going to take the dress apart and turn it into a dress for my doll.



A Corset for Bru

I made a corset for my newest Bru.
I used gray antique silk fabric this time. Looks very chic 😆 ( this doll is reserved)


Body for Mulatto Bru

I am making progress with my new doll little by little and her Chevrot style body is now completed. I used tan colored lambskin for her torso and upper arms to match with her brown complexions. I am using antique doll undergarments for her to save time.

Next project is corset making!