A photo from customer

I made this 18 inch Brevete few months ago. She was sold without a dress and I received a photo from customer who made a beautiful dress for her.                                  *************************************************************************************************


Her beautiful low waist Bru style dress is made from all antique material. She looks very lovely with her new outfit. Thank you for sharing this photo with us!

My customer posted how she created this dress on her blog. You can visit from here.         ( if you can’t read in Russian, you can use translation site like Google translate. )    *************************************************************************************************

ローウェストのBruスタイルのドレスは、すべてアンテイークの素材で作られたそうです。素敵なドレスを着せてもらって、すっかり見違えるようになりました。          画像を送ってくださったお客様は、ご自身のブログでもこの娘を紹介していますので、良かったら寄ってみてください。リンクはこちらです。                  (もしロシア語が読めない場合は、グーグルの翻訳サイトで翻訳できます)

Dress parts

Another day of making parts for the dress.

I went through my boxes of stash of antique lace and found this very old hand made lace….  I love the delicate patterns and the color. I think I am going to use this for the dress.




Also found these antique beads decoration taken out from antique gown. They are made with antique glass beads….





Making ruffle parts …. Very time consuming and hurts my shoulders and neck. I think I am done for today.



Blue dress base design

I have been wanting to make Bru dress with A line shape that often seen on fashion dolls but not very common on bebe dolls. Occasionally you see antique Bru dolls wearing this kind of dress because Bru dolls have beautiful body with narrow waist that able to fit in dresses in this style.

My little Diva will have this blue dress as her second dress along with her red dress.  I chose antique blue silk taffeta fabric this time. I had another choice to use powder blue antique silk but she seem to look better with darker shade than pastel color.  Maybe because of her strong personality ???


ずっと前から、Aラインスタイルのドレスを私のBru に着せてみたかったのですが、今回思い切って作ってみることにしました。このスタイルはファッションドールには良く使われていますが、べべドールにはあまり見かけませんよね。Bruはウエストが締まった美しいボデイーを持っているので着こなすことができ、このスタイルのドレスを着たアンテイークBruを時々見かけます。


Doll Club Meeting at my house

I am a member of local UFDC doll club” Sierra Nevada Doll club” .
I recently hosted our monthly meeting and gave a program ” How to make doll dress looks like antique”.
I used Bru doll I am working on currently as a sample and studied how the doll dress is constructed and what kind of material I use to make doll dress.
It was very fun to share information with people who love dolls!
 Member of Sierra Nevada Doll Club came to my house for meeting
Showing materials I use for dress making
Studied how antique dresses are constructed …
Reno Doll show info
One of our club member Melinda Natzel owns Doll and Teddy bear show and next show in Reno is scheduled on October 6th at Holiday Inn Spark Nevada.
I do not have sales table there since I don’t have any dolls to put for sale but I always go Reno doll show to buy supplies.
This show has variety of dealers from antique dolls to Teddy bear to Barbie etc..
Please come by if you have a chance!
You can visit Melinda’s website for more informaitons.


It’s not that I finished this bonnet in over night.I have been working on this for a while.Just did not have time to post all my entries till this weekend. 🙂

It has three layers of brim in front and I used red antique lace at the edge to give look of flower petal. The fabric is the same antique red silk I used for the dress and I used dark red antique silk ribbon as an accent. You could change the shape of the brim if you like because it has wire inside the brim and crown. Lining of the bonnet is ecru colored antique raw silk fabric.




I am very picky about the lace I use for each parts. I am always looking for nice antique lace wherever I go and checking them online constantly. But finding red antique lace is very difficult. Especially edging lace with small scallop patterns.

As you can see on the photo above, 1/2 inch wide edging lace usually have scallop shape like the one at the bottom.They are okay for underwears but I want smaller size scallop to use for bonnet or dress because smaller size scallop creates more delicate silhouette.

I did not have red edging lace but I had tan colored lace with beautiful scallop patterns so I dyed the lace in red. It turned out perfect for the bonnet I was making.  I am very happy with how edging lace looks like on this bonnet. It’s a small detail that many people may not noticed but it makes huge difference on the appearance.

Now, here is a big question. Is she finished?

The answer is ” not yet”.  I still have to make underwear including corset. And even this Diva chose this red costume, I want her to wear blue dress. If time allows, I will probably end up making her a another dress. I promise that she will be for sale before Christmas. But please allow me to keep her bit longer….






—  まだです。   まだコルセットを含めた下着を作らなければならないし、やっぱりどうしてもブルーのドレスを着せてみたいです。なので、たぶんもう一着作ると思います。


Dress completed

I made the skirt but I don’t like the crispness of pleating, so ….


I sprayed water to make pleats look softer. This technique also gives ” aged” look.


I used dust ruffle came from antique dress.


Lining is also antique fabric.


Front view

Back view.   I added antique lace to drape over the skirt.


Side view.

I also added fringe as an accent.


Next project is the bonnet!


Bru shoes

Making skirt is taking way too long and very frustrating. I am having hard time adjusting three rows of knife pleats in right balance.
Instead of fighting and getting frustrated, I have decided to make shoes.



I like black leather Bru shoes because they look good on any style of dress. They are made of black calf leather and have ” Bru Jne Paris” stamp at the sole. I hand dyed silk socks in black. Thought about using red socks but that will be too much red on her so I used black instead.