Wildfire in South Lake Tahoe

Thank you for many concerning emails regarding wildfire in South Lake Tahoe.Where I live is still far up north from the fire and we do not have imminent danger however we have been suffering from smoke and air pollution for almost two months.

The Sky is covered with thick gray smoke for days and we did not have time to enjoy summer. We are having extreme drought this year and the fire season started very early. It seems to be getting worse each year. I hope this is not going to be a new normal …
I have been having respiratory problems from this prolonged smoke and air pollution and it’s interfering with my work. I am hoping cooler weather in September will help to control the fire soon. Keep fingers crossed. 😞



It looks like fog but it’s actually smoke 毎日霧のように煙が立ち込めています

Some days we have air quality gets up to hazardous level. I can’t go outside without wearing N95 mask. 日によっては空気汚染が危険レベルまで上がるので、N95のマスクを着けなければ外へ出ることもできません。😢

Evolution of Bru Jne 14 head

July was very uncomfortable due to extreme heat and smoke from wildfire in neighboring states. We live in a high elevation so we did not need AC till now but the temperature reached 100 degrees for the first time since we moved here 22 years ago. We want to install AC as soon as possible. But of course, all HVAC companies are in high demand. We have to wait till fall to get installed.
 I don’t have much to show progress on the new doll because I could not work on dolls  last month. But I can show some photos how she has evolved since I made this head back in 2009.
I have changed her eyes and wigs time to time just to enjoy a different look of this Bru head. A new owner-to-be fell in love with the look of antique eyes and eyelashes with a brunette wig, and that’s how she is going to be finished.
I would love to be able to resume working on her as soon as the weather turns cooler.
私たちは標高が高い地域に住んでいるので、22年前にこの家を建てたときはエアコンが必要ない環境だったのですが、今年はなんと、初めて気温が40度近くまで上がり、(@_@) その上煙で窓を開けることができず、家の中が暑いままの状態がずっと続いて全く仕事ができないでいました。しかも、空気汚染で喘息が再発し踏んだり蹴ったり。( ;∀;)

She had modern eyes and dark wig when I made her back in 2009

Then I changed her wig to blond …

I found antique eyes to fit on her eventually …

New-owener-to-be fall in love with the look of antique eyes and lashes with dark wig