I will be at Sacramento Doll Show in April

I will be joining World Doll Day Shows in Sacramento California on Sat April 15th at Officer’s Club, 3410 Westover St. McClellan California.

I am taking this 22” A Thuillier doll with antique eyes with an antique body from my private collection. I made this head back in 2015. ( making at the back of the head) I am making her a new dress ASAP right now so that she can be presentable at the show. ( yes she will be available at the table) This will be the only doll show in the US I will be participating in this year. Hope to see you there in April!

My Bru head is still in the painting stage.I will post her progress as I complete.





Progress of New Bru head

I am learning how to cast and clean greenware without inhaling any dust particles and I am getting the hang of it. Fortunately a new Bru head was bisque fired successfully so the hardest part was over. The painting stage is so much easier to deal with. The Next project is to match the color of the bisque head and arms with the antique Bru shoulder plate.


Skin tone was not dark enough with the first firing, it will need another layer


I think the color matched pretty well after second firing


My next doll

We are experiencing record snow fall this winter! Snow day is a good day for doll making so I am getting ready for my next doll. 😊 It will be a 15” Bru Jne with antique Chevrot body and antique eyes. I have been saving this hard-to-find antique body for a special doll and I think it’s time to use it! ( this doll is reserved and not for sale)

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今年の冬は記録的な大雪で、毎日すごい量の雪が降り積もっています。(@_@) どこにも出かけられないので、ドールメイキングにはちょうどいいですね。なので早速次の作品に取り掛かりたいと思います。長年取っておいたアンティークのシェブロウボディ、いよいよ出番となりました。この頃ではアンティークのパーツがほとんど手に入らなくなり、このボディもいつ買ったのか覚えていませんがとても貴重なものとなりました。ヘッドはBurJne6ヘッドを使い、アンティークのペーパーウエイトアイを使おうと思います。お楽しみに。☺ (なおこの作品は売約済みですのでご了承ください)

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