Bru Jne 6 head

Soon as my neck is feeling little better, I could not wait to finish Bru head I was working on. ( sorry doctor, being a bad patient here😣)
This is Bru Jne 6 head to make 16” doll, one of doll I will be taking to Japan this fall.

首の調子が少し良くなったら、どうしても作りかけのヘッドを完成させたくて絵付けしてしまいました。(悪い患者ですみません、ドクター😣)           この子は秋に日本へ連れて行く予定のBruJne6です。完成すると40センチくらいになります。

Two Bru Heads

I was working on these two Bru heads, 14 inch Bru Jne 4 and 16 inch Bru Jne 6 before my neck gave out. I will finish these dolls for exhibition in Japan in this fall soon as I am able to get back to doll making.

首の故障が起きる直前までこの二つのヘッドの制作をしていました。14インチのBruJne4と16インチのBru Jne6です。

April Doll Club Meeting

I hosted Sierra Nevada Doll Club ( local UFDC doll club) monthly meeting at my house. Each member takes turn to host monthly meeting in our club and April was my turn this year. We welcomed three new members recently so we had thirteen members including me gathered in my house. Meeting hostess usually provides lunch and gives doll related program. I decided to talk about different types of Eden bebe since I make reproduction of Eden bebe often. There are so many unknown facts about Eden bebe so instead of going deep with history of the doll, I focused mainly about facial features of different models of Eden bebe and similarities with other French brand bebe dolls. Many of our members were not familiar with Eden bebe and I am glad I was able to show something new to learn.We all received Easter basket as take home gift at the end of the meeting, it was a fun day with my doll friends!

I received many get well email from all over the world since my last posting. Thank you so much for thinking of me!  I have arthritis at base of my cervical spine and getting worse each year. Long hours of desk work such as sewing and painting, working on PC are the worst activities for my condition. I had to refrain from these activities till my inflammation calms down. My pain is much better after being treated with medication and working out more at gym. I am slowly getting back on doll making and I will be concentrating on making dolls for two exhibitions scheduled in Japan this fall. Still not able to tolerate long hours of sewing and paintings but I can work on casting and body making for now. I was going to make more dolls available to public through my website but unfortunately I am not able to this year. I need to reduce my work hours in order to take care of my neck. I am sorry for disappointing many fans who were waiting for my new doll. Hopefully I can create more dolls next year. 🙂


Sierra Nevada Doll Club members at my house

I gave program about different types of Eden bebe

I used my antique Eden bebe and FG doll as study model