More shopping in San Francisco

My friend and I left oven hot Phoenix and spent couple of days in cool San Francisco. I was told there are few nice places we can shop fabrics and lace in the area so we decided to check them out instead of doing site seeings. First stop was Britex fabrics near by Union Square. They have huge variety of new fabrics and silk ribbons, etc… I mainly use antique materials for my doll dresses so I ended up not finding any for me but if you use modern materials, this would be like a candy store. Second stop was Lacis Museum of lace and textiles in Berkley. This place was totally my kind of shop! I found antique gowns and lace trims for unbelievable price. I ended up shipping another box full of materials to home. I think I found enough materials for next few years during this trip. My wallet is empty but I am extremely happy for all the goodies I found.You can never have enough antique fabrics and lace because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

オーブンの様に暑いアリゾナを後に、気温20度と快適なサンフランシスコで数日過ごすことにしました。このエリアにはぜひチェックしたい布やレースのお店が何件かあると聞いていたので、観光はそっちのけでさらにお買い物の旅を続けました。まず最初に行ってみたのがBritexというユニオンスクエアに近い生地屋さん。有名ブランドのお店がひしめく通りに二階建ての店舗を構えるこのお店には、所狭しと数多くの生地がやリボン、トリムなどが並んであります。と言っても、すべて現代ものなので私には使えるものはありませんでしたが、キルトを作る人や現代ものの生地でドールドレスを作る人には夢のような空間です。一件目は空振りだったので、期待の二件目、隣町のバークレーにあるLacisというお店へ電車で向かいました。レースと生地の博物館と名売っているだけあって、店内には私好みのアンティークドレスやレースの展示がずらり。これだけでかなりテンションが上がってきたのですが、さらにお店の奥へ通してもらって、レースや布地が陳列してあるセクションへ行くと、お目当ての物が”⁉”と驚くような値段で売られています。ちょっとこの値段間違っているのでは?と思い確認すると、間違いではないそうで、ダメージのあるものは処分価格で出ているらしい。アンティークのシルクドレスもしかり。私は多少ダメージのあるものの方が心おきなくハサミを入れられるので、オーナーにこういうものを探していると伝えると、倉庫から素晴らしいミントグリーンのドレスを出してきてくれました。状態もかなり良く、色、柄、ともに素晴らしいので恐る恐るお値段を聞いてみると、またもや”⁉’というようなお値段。買い付けのプロならここでポーカーフェイスをキメてさらに値下げ交渉をするのでしょうが、完全にアマチュアの私はクッキーを前にした犬のように尻尾を振って、嬉しさを隠せませんでした。またもや箱一杯の生地やレースを宅配で送らなければならないほど買ってしまいました。(;^ω^) すでにお財布はすっからかんですが、アンティーク物は一度失くしたら二度と同じものが出に入らないので、この度のお買い物ツアーまったく悔い無し、です。

Britex fabrics near Union Square in San Francisco

There so many variety of new fabrics

Great selection of silk ribbons

Lacis museum of lace and Textiles in Barkley California

I just entered my kind of heaven

Sample antique lace in cases

Shelves full of antique lace !!!

Just few samples of antique materials I purchased during this trip

Gala Banquet at UFDC convention

Final day of UFDC convention ended with Gala Banquet .

Everyone brings a little gift to each other

I made to this little canvas bag as a “favor”gift

All participants received this 12 inch BJD doll by Ruby Red Galleria

With UFDC second vice president Maryll Goldsmith. This amazing lady and her sisters took good care of me when I attended my first convention back in 2012 when I didn’t know anyone. Thank you for being so wonderful!

UFDC convention sales room

I love studying about dolls and meeting friends at convention but most of all, I LOVE shopping! I don’t really care for shopping things for myself, if fact I buy most of my clothes from online or catalogs once or twice a year maybe? But when it comes to dolls, it’s a different story. It’s not exaggerate to to say convention sales room is the best place to shop for antique dolls and supplies. And you can keep shopping for 5 days straight! You better bring a huge wallet, right? It’s so over whelming if you try to see everything in one day so I made shopping schedule. I would concentrate on fabrics and lace on first day, look for antique doll(s) to take home on second day,check out small things I missed on first day on the third day, take photos of dealers to post on FB and blog on fourth day, make sure I got everything I want on fifth day. I was so excited that I felt like I was in treasure island and kept shopping till I drop for about two days, then my energy run out. I was super exhausted by third day. I was ready to go home on fourth day to tell you the truth. Thank goodness the hotel had nice floating pool. We spend few afternoons just floating on the water. But I found what I needed and wanted. It was pure joy and amazing experience!

コンベンションのセミナーで勉強するのも、ネットでしか繋がっていなかった友達と会えたのも大いに楽しかったのですが、やはり一番のハイライトはショッピングです!ちなみに私は、自分の洋服などのショッピングにはあまり興味が無くて、街まで行くのが面倒なためだいたいネットやカタログで済ませます。しかも年に1-2回くらい。でもドール関係の買い物は全く別物ですよ。コンベンションのセールスルームは、世界で一番の規模と種類と品揃えが豊富なドールショウといっても過言ではないと思います。しかも、5日間も続けてお買い物ができるのですから、大きな財布と気合いが必要なのは言うまでもありません。(;^ω^) これだけの規模のショウを一日で見ようとすると、かなり目が回ります。なのでさっそくお買い物スケジュールを立てました。初日は材料の生地やレースに集中、二日目は家へ連れて帰る子を探す、三日目は初日に見逃した小物類をチェック、4日目はFBやブログに載せるデイーラーの写真を撮る(これかなり時間かかります)、そして最終日は買い残したものがないか最終チェック。二日目ぐらいまではアドレナリンがパンパンに出ていてやる気満々だったのですが、さすがに3日目、4日目となるとぐったりしてきて、いい加減帰りたくなってきました。幸い会場がリゾートホテルだったので回るプールがあって、二日ぐらいは友人とプールに浮かんでボーっとしていました。ちなみにフェニックスは、私にとっては今まで経験したことのない暑さだったので、日中プール以外に外を歩く、等という事は言語道断でしたよ。もちろん欲しかった物、探していた物を全部買えたので大満足だったのは言うまでもありません。

Sales room is open! Time for shopping!

My kind of heaven!

All vintage and antique fabrics. All mine! ( I wish)

Best dealers from all over the world are in one place

Scott Gram Antiques from Phoenix

Sammy from Paris

Alan’s booth

Valerie Fogel’s Beautiful Bebes


I shipped two boxes full of goodies home

Out side view of Marriott Resort in Phoenix

She is my convention find. Round face early Steiner. She is so sweet!

Karakuri Ningyo and Googlies

I took Alan Scott Pate seminar about ” Karakuri Ningyo” ( Japanese Automaton) and Anita Ladensack “The history and Art of Googolies” on first day of convention. Alan’s lecture is always fun and informative, I try not to miss any when available.I had very few interest on Karakuri Ningyo before I took his seminar but after listening his lecture, I was so fascinate by their history and art work. Who knew rediscovering my own culture is such an exciting thing! I wish my school history teacher gave lectures as interesting as Alan so that I could have gotten better grade. LOL

Anita’s seminar was a luncheon meeting hosted by Valley of the Sun Doll club. Luncheon meeting is always fun because you get to make new friends while enjoying meal and learn about doll that you love at the same time! I make Googlie dolls occasionally and wanted to learn more about them since there are so many different models and brands. Each of participant received a book of Googlies written by Anita at the end of the event and this will give me a chance to go over Anita’s lecture for better understanding. I wasn’t so keen of studying when I was a school student but these doll lectures are so fun, I can not get enough of them. That’s what I love about being a member of UFDC doll club. They give us so many opportunities of leaning dolls.



text book of Alan Scott Pate lecture ” Karakuri Ningyo”

Alan’s lecture is always full of information and fun talk.You never get bored.

With Alan. Awesome teacher!

Anita’s book ” The history and art of Googlies”and paper doll were part of luncheon gift

Lots of goodies from host doll club, Valley of the Sun doll club, Thank you!

Anita, giving lecture

Visiting Friendship doll ” Miss Kagoshima”

We have Miss Wakayama Friendship doll in Reno and I was told we can visit ” Miss Kagoshima” in CREATE at Arizona Science center in Phoenix day before convention. How can I miss this opportunity? So my friend and I joined this mini field trip to down town Phoenix in scorching heat.When we arrived, museum staff took us to a little office room next to reception desk and there she was, standing on the table with her doll size tea set in front of her. Apparently Miss Kagoshima is usually stored in a box and not in permanent display like Miss Wakayama in Reno so her kimono was bit wrinkled and loose but she was a very charming doll. She has two dimples which Miss Wakayama does not have and that makes her look younger ( to me). She is my second friendship doll I have seen in person and both of them have life like expressions. If you know a little bit about Ichimatsu dolls, it is so rare to see a doll in this size and quality. I say I was very fortunate to be able to view this doll.  I’d like to thank people who organized this field trip and museum staff who let us view her.


If you would like to inquire about Miss Kagoshima, click link below.                                                       CREATE at Arizona Science Center

Miss Kagoshima in Phoenix AZ

Front view of her kimono

Back side with silk obi

Her doll size tea set

This maybe a last chance to have selfee with her!

Article of Miss Kagoshima in Alan Scott Pate “Art as Ambassador” book


Back form UFDC convention

It’s been 6 years since I attended last UFDC convention. It was so much more fun this time because I was able to meet many of my doll friends in person. And sales room was just amazing! I found more supplies than I hoped for! Can’t wait to attend next convention in Nashville TN next year!


I had a travel companion came all the way from Japan this time. We went to National Doll Festival doll show on Sunday before UFDC convention started on Tuesday. I forgot to take photos of this doll show but this was also a good show to attend. I found lots of antique lace and fabrics etc..  Quality of dolls were also very good but size of show itself is smaller than UFDC convention. We went to Theriault’s auction on next day. Their preview display is always the best quality and you won’t be disappointed. We stayed for about one hour to watch live auction. Stewart’s talk is always entertaining and that makes this auction very exciting. Unfortunately we had to leave for field trip to view Friendship doll at Science museum. I will report that in next post.


My most favorite of this auction!

My next doll

I will be making 19 inch Bru Jne 11 to take to Japan this fall. I have several antique eyes would fit on this head and can’t wait to get started!




Workshop report

My very first workshop in US was very very successful! Thank you so much for 5 participants who came to attend this class from all over the country. My goal was to create 14 inch  Bru Jne 4 with Chevrot body in 4 days. It usually takes at least one month for me to make this type of doll so in order to finish this in just 4 days, l pre-made most of the parts as a kit. What we did in class was painting head in the morning and crafted the body in the afternoon. My painting technique was apparently very different from other doll makers and I was surprised and pleased to hear that it made them easier to paint Bru face. On the other hand, creating Chevrot body is extremely complicated and time consuming. I was not sure if we can finish this during class but we did it! All bodies came out beautifully so were the heads. We were all pleased how beautiful each Bru turned out when we assembled the body and attached eyes. We actually finished ahead of schedule so we used extra time for playing with dolls by dressing and taking photos. This was one of the most challenging event I have ever done so far but it was worth taking chance. Meeting new people and working together for 4 days was an amazing experience since I rarely get to see other doll artists in person. I hope to host another workshop in future ( probably next year) to share the knowledge and friendship with new people!


Workshop kit

Only few more days till my first workshop!  I just finished making kit for each participants. It usually takes few weeks for me to make one Chevrot style body because making each parts takes lot of time. We are going to assemble the body in 4 days during this workshop so I already pre-made most of the parts.

初めてのワークショップ開催まであと数日となりました。で、やっと参加者分のキットが出来上がりましたよ。ほっ(;^ω^) パーツを全部そろえるのにすごく時間がかかるので、普段は一体のボディを作るのに数週間かかるのですが、これを4日間で完成させるわけですから、パーツはすでに作ってあります。

I used image of my recently sold 14 inch Bru Jne as a box decoration.  ボックスの表紙は先日お迎えいただいた14インチのBru嬢です。

Kit includes all parts,materials,patterns and instructions.  キットの中身はパーツや必要材料全部、型紙、マニュアルなどです。(このマニュアル作るのすごく大変でした。パワーポイントのソフトを使いこなせることが出来て助かりました。(*^▽^*))

You can store finished doll in this box to take home with! 完成後はこのように箱に収納してお持ち帰りいただけます。