11 inch Jumeau completed

I am truly grateful for all the thoughtful get well messages I received last week. It has been a challenging time, but with each passing day, I am recovering more and more.

In fact, I was finally able to complete my 11-inch Jumeau doll after much anticipation!

Although I missed out on the Sacramento show over the weekend, I’m excited to announce that I will be attending the Pleasanton CA show on May 4th (Saturday) thanks to Mary Senko who kindly offered me this opportunity.

I will be bringing this little Jumeau and All Bisque Kestner with blue boots with me.

Look forward to meeting lots of people in Pleasanton in May!

先週欠席したドールショウですが、主催者さんのご配慮で5月のショウに参加させて頂く事になりました 怪我の回復も順調で、ミレットジュモウをようやく仕上げる事が出来ました。 オールビスクケスナーと一緒に連れていきます。小さいサイズのジュモウならではの、ドレスのスカートバッスル部分ががモッコリしている姿が凄く好きです。

A 26-inch Jumeau Triste holds an 11-inch Jumeau, showcasing a notable size difference

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