Closing business for temporary

I have to make a special announcement today. Due to family emergency, I have decided to close my doll  business temporary. I am hoping to be able to open near future but things are uncertain at this time. I truly appreciate for all your business and being friend with me for many years. I still have many dolls I want to finish so I really want to come back for doll making. Till that day, please be well, and keep in touch!



14 inch AT head

I was going to use spiral threaded eyes for my little AT but it turned out these eye do not give the look I wanted. I tried these antique blue eyes instead and now she has sweet look that I was looking for. I think I am going to use these eyes ….. We will see…

新しいAT のヘッドが出来上がったのですが、用意していたスパイラルスレッドのグラスアイを合わせてみたら、なんだか思っていたのと雰囲気がいまいち違うんですよね。代わりにこのアンテイークのブルーアイを合わせてみたら、わりといい感じです。このままこのグラスアイで行こうかと思案中。。。