Jewel Of The Opera Garnier by Dale Rensing

My dear friend and owner of “Ages Designs,” Dale Rensing, has published her first children’s book called “Jewel of The Opera Garnier.”                                                       Dale is a talented doll dress-maker who also collects a few of my dolls. She uses one of my Bru dolls as her dress model on her website.                                                              The main character, “Jewel” in her book, is inspired by another 16- inch Bru Jne 6 I made for her in 2009.                                                                                                                          If you know how each of the American Girl dolls comes with her own story book,  “Jewel of The Opera Garnier” is a similar piece of historical fiction.  In this story a little girl living in Paris dreams of becoming a ballerina.                                                                                   It is a very heart- warming story and takes you back to being a little girl as you turn each page. I am extremely honored that my doll was an inspiration for this book.

Dale explains how “Jewel” came alive in her mind:

“Those who collect the dolls of Sayuri Sinn do so because they are special in so many ways. Their distinct unique quality is not just that they come so close to reproducing the look of the original antique Bru’s, but that they also evoke a similar feel. The Bru Jne, particularly of the Chevrot period, came so close to what the doll artists of today continually strive to achieve – that pensive, imploring look of a real child. Sayuri’s dolls have this same quality, often exciting the imagination to dream up imaginary histories of who this little girl really is. Such was the case with Jewel, one of the stars of my doll collection. A little princess from the moment she was placed in the doll cabinet, Jewel captured my attention, and inspired me to write the story about what her life would have been like had she truly been real. “Jewel of the Opera Garnier” is not the story about a doll who came to life, but the story of a living soul wrapped in a doll’s body. She is the embodiment of imagination. ”

It would be a perfect Christmas gift for your doll friends and anyone who is a little girl at heart

This book is now available from . ” Jewel Of The Opera Garnier”                      You can access Dale’s website “Ages Designs ” from here.

16 inch Bru Jne 6 ” Jewel” .  Now part of Dale Rensing’s collection.


Miss Diva is now SOLD

Hi everyone.  I truly appreciate for overwhelming number of people applied to purchase Miss Diva. I wish I could make the same doll for each one of you ….                                     Well, I had to pick one person to take her home and the winner has been announced this morning. I emailed the winner already so if you did not get email from me by now, unfortunately Miss Diva did not pick you.

Again, I truly appreciate for everyone who gave me lovely email to tell me how much they wanted the doll. It really touched me.                                                                                       I was not going to work on new doll till next year but I may be able to list Bru head #1 (remember?) with a body but no dress for sale before Christmas. Maybe I can give one more person a happy Christmas … ??? We will see …


皆さんこんにちは。新作Bru嬢の抽選にたくさんのご応募を頂き、たいへんありがとうございました。できれば全員に一体づつ差し上げたいのですが、残念なことに当選者を一人だけ選ばなければなりませんでした。                           抽選は今朝行われ、当選者の方にはすでにお知らせのメールが入っています。もし現在までに私からのメールが来てなければ、残念ながらBru嬢は他の方の元へお嫁に行くことになりました。

本当にたくさんの方から、どれだけ彼女をお迎えしたいか、その想いをつづられたメールをいただきました。ありがとうございます。作家冥利に尽きます。             実は来年になるまで製作には入らない予定でしたが、もしかしたらヘッド試作品一号のボデイー付ドレス無しをクリスマス前に出品できるかもしれません。いまがんばってボデイーを作っています。上手くいけば、もう一人の方に素敵なクリスマスプレゼントを贈ることができるかもしれません。。。クリスマス前に間に合うかどうかはちょっとわかりませんが、ブログでまたお知らせいたします。

16 inch Bru Jne 6 reproduction doll with antique eyes for sale

Hi everyone. My new doll 16 inch Bru Jne 6 with antique glass eyes is finally goes on sale this week.
I have been blogging her progress since July so anyone who has been fallowing may already know detail about her.
I am revealing her final photos including ” surprise” item this time.
Let me go over her description I posted on my website once again to refresh your memory.

I have been making reproduction Bru dolls for more than 10 years, and this doll turned out to be the best one I have ever made.
It all started with her ” antique eyes”. I was very fortunate to be able to find this pair of antique glass eyes with gorgeous spiral thread which are extremely hard to find.
I painted her face extra carefully to give the authentic look of antique Bru including pink skin tones and shape of eyebrows and lips.
I engraved my name and date as ” Sayuri 2012″ at the back of her head. She has pierced ears through her ear robes from top to the bottom and vintage blue glass earrings are included.
She comes with reproduction of Chevrot style body with hinges at elbows and knees.The outside of her torso is made with leather, and I used granulated cork to stuff the body firmly. There are also metal hip joints inside.
Her lower arms and breast plate are bisque, and lower legs are made of composition. I stained the leather part and composition legs to give aged look.
Her gorgeous pale-blonde mohair wig is created by Wendy Feidt. However I had to restyle the wig a few times during photo shooting because the curls became loose.
This 16-inch Bru doll seems to have a “Diva” like attitude. I even had to make her an extra dress to keep her happy.
She comes with Bru style jacket dress in gold and red with matching red bonnet. A blue silk taffeta dress with silk chiffon bonnet is her second dress. They are both made from all antique materials including buttons and beads.
She has 4 pieces of undergarment including corset.I made combination underwear and petticoat with antique cotton batiste and cotton lace. Then she has bustle pad to give skirt volume.Her small corset is made from antique silver silk and heavy weight cotton. It also has tiny bones to keep her waist in narrow shape.
Her shoes are Bru style black leather shoes with silver buckle at toe tip. They have ” Bru Jne Paris” stamp at the sole. Her socks are not antique but I hand dyed silk socks to black.
私がBru のリプロを作り始めて10年以上経ちますが、この娘は今まで作った中で一番満足のいく出来上がりとなりました。
耳たぶにはピアスホールが縦に入っており、ヘッドの後ろには”SAYURI 2012”と彫ってあります。ビンテージのブルーのガラスビーズイヤリングは付属品です。

And here are her photos….
Doesn’t she look different when she changes the dress?
She has this “Diva” like attitude with a red and gold Bru style dress. On the other hand, she seem sweeter with a blue dress.
You can enjoy two types of dolls out of this one special girl. How fun is that!
And here is ” surprise item” I made especially for her.
It’s a Victorian style gift box to store this precious doll and her dresses.
I decoupage surface with crackle finish to give vintage look. It will be a perfect gift box to open on Christmas day to make you feel like a little girl all over again.
This doll is now SOLD. Thank you for so many people applied to purchase the doll.             I truly appreciated!
この作品は売約済みとなりました。                        抽選にはたくさんのご応募を頂き、誠にありがとうございました。