I will take a short summer break

I made arms for 14” Bru doll.
Next step is to antique the leather and assemble the body. But bursitis on my shoulders worsened from doing body making so I will take a short summer break to rest my body. Have a wonderful summer everyone! 🥰🥰
Bru 嬢の腕部分を作りました。あとは革部分にアンティーク加工を施して組み立てるだけなのですが、、連日のボディメイキングの作業で案の定肩を故障してしまいました。なので少しの間夏休みを取らせていただこうと思います。日本はまだ梅雨でしょうか?こちらは学校がすでに夏休みに入っています。皆さんもどうか自愛くださいね。ではまた。

Making Chevrot body

I have been working on the torso of a Chevrot body. Chevrot body has a unique structure, Metal upper legs are attached to the hip joint and the torso is packed with granulated cork.Parking cork requires a lot of elbow grease. It is very important to pack it as tight as you can in order to make a steady body. I painted lower legs after making holes in my knee joint. I tried to match the color as closely as possible to antique Bru legs then gave an antique finish.

14″ Bru Jne 4 head

I finished making 14″ Bru Jne 4 head. I set antique blue oval eyes and she looks very nice.  I think I am going to use this head for my next doll. I fired six times to paint this head and posted a short video of the painting process of this head on Instagram. That’s about average firing time when I paint French doll heads.                                                             You can also view from this link.  Fliptastic                                                                             ( This doll is reserved for a customer on the waiting list)



she looks cute form this angle too