My newest creation

My newest creation 16” Bru Jne 6 has completed! She has an antique Chevrot body and antique oval glass eyes. This type of Bru doll is the closest to an antique Bru doll that I can create.

Her pink and ecru dress and bonnet are made from all antique materials. I used the design from a traditional Bru style dress because it will show off her beautiful bisque breast plate and narrow waist.

Her wig is an antique hand-tied mohair wig with the marking number ” 6″  inside the cap.

I made a pair of Bru leather shoes with “Bru Jne Paris” stamp on the sole. She also comes with a matching pink parasol.

She would be very close to my ideal Bru Jne doll that I would love to have in my collection 🤩  She looks so sweet and melts your heart when you gaze at her.

I hope she will make the new owner very happy too ! ( this doll is reserved )

40センチの新作BruJne 6が完成しました。この作品は、アンティークボディとアンティークグラスアイが入った特別な子です。




今回は全体をピンクでまとめ、甘々な雰囲気のプリンセスに仕上げました。女子の憧れのピンクのお人形は、見ているだけで幸せな気持ちにさせてくれますよね。 (この作品は売約済です)