My next doll project

I would like to finish my next doll before Christmas ( hopefully by early December). I had many requests to finish little AT doll since I posted her head photos few month ago so my next doll project will be 14 inch A11T doll. I had planned this when I was working on 14 inch Bru. I have purchased body mold and had them ready to be strung by now. I have fired the head and in painting stage currently. She will be dressed in deep red silk since she will be a Christmas doll. I am working on the design and will start making the dress soon as I string the body. I wish I could work this efficiently all the time. 🙂

次の作品は14インチ(35センチ) のAT です!何ヶ月か前に試作品のヘッド画像を載せて以来、早く完成製品を見たい、というリクエストをたくさんいただいたので、さっそくボデイーモールドを購入して準備をしていました。今の時点では、すでにボデイーは繋げるだけの状態、ヘッドも絵付け段階に入っています。ドレスは季節に合わせてやはり赤、デザインが決まり次第制作に取り掛かります。出来ればクリスマス前、12月の始めには販売できるように完成できればいいな、と思っています。いつもこんな風に仕事がスムーズにはかどるといいのですが。。。

This is another a sample AT head I will be making. I will be using blue spiral threaded eyes instead.                                   これはサンプルのAT画像です。グラスアイはブルーのスパイラルスレッドアイを使う予定です。

I already cast body molds …

and painted. Body parts are ready to be strung now!


14 inch Bru Jne 4 with antique eyes is now “SOLD”

Thank you so much for visiting my website to view my newest creation! I have received so many inquiries and applications to purchase this doll. The application is now closed and I have chosen a winner. I already emailed the winner so if you did not hear from me, unfortunately someone else is buying the doll. I wish I could make everyone happy..            I hope I can create another doll that inspires you. Please look forward for my next project. Thank you again for visiting my website!!


14 inch Bru Jne 4 reproduction doll for sale


This doll is now ” SOLD”. Thank you for viewing my newest creation!


I am pleased to introduce my newest creation 14 inch Bru Jne 4. Thank you for waiting patiently for this day. It’s been sort of bumpy ride since I decided to recreate this blue dress but I am extremely happy with the finished look of this doll.


She has antique blue oval eyes with antique blonde mohair wig.           グラスアイはアンテイークのブルーアイを、ウィッグも今回はアンテイークのブロンドモヘアウィッグを使用しました。

This blue dress is a reproduction of antique Bru dress which was featured on ” Rokusho” magazine published in Japan.


I used antique blue silk fabric and antique brocade fabric woven with silver thread to create this dress. This brocade fabric is adding such richness to this dress.


The bonnet is made entirely with antique materials including antique lace and silk chiffon. I used antique blue velvet ribbon as an accent.


Her body is Chevrot style leather body with bisque arms and shoulder plate, lower legs are made with composition. I antiqued leather and lower legs to give vintage look.


Her undergarment includes corset, chemise, bloomers, petticoat and bustle pad. I made them from antique cotton fabrics except petticoat. I used antique doll petticoat for this doll.


I made classic style Bru shoes with black lambskin. It has “Bru Jne Paris” stamp at the bottom.



Teaser photo of 14 inch Bru Jne 4 by Sayuri

I was going to reveal her complete look today but I didn’t have enough time to finish photo shooting. I will post her photos this coming Thursday. I apologize to people who emailed me how much they are looking forward to today’s revealing. I will also get back to all of your emails before Thursday. I can post one photo today to give you some ideas. Hope you like her!

今日Bru 嬢のお披露目をする予定でしたが、時間が足りなくて写真撮影を全部済ませることが出来ませんでした。今週の木曜日には画像を掲載できると思います。今日を楽しみにされていた方々、メールを下さった方々、申し訳ありません。お返事のほうも木曜日までにいたしますので、もう少しお待ちくださいね。とりあえず今日は、一枚だけ画像を載せます。

Bru shoes

I made shoes for my 14 inch Bru Jne 4 today. Nothing fancy, just simple classic Bru style leather shoes with silver buckle. Next project is to make her corset and under garment, then she will be completed. I am hoping to reveal her this Sunday!