Rehabilitating my neck

My neck and shoulder pain has been worsened since I came back from Japan so I am currently taking a beak from doll making. I have straight neck and mild Scoliosis and have been treating them since last spring. My spine condition has improved  over all but I over worked last year and I am paying dues right now. Sitting for long hours in airplane and using wrong height pillow, lifting heavy object and tilting head forward for long hours are the worst activities for my condition. Yet I did all of them too much last year ! (;^ω^)  It’s about time to get serious about healing my body therefore I will not be traveling this year and making very few doll(s) if I am able. I have been going to Chiropractor and Acupuncture, Yoga and weight training routinely right now. Hopefully I will be able to get back in doll making in full swing from next year. We will see !

ずっと更新がなくてご無沙汰しています。秋に日本から帰って来て以来、首と肩の痛みが悪化して、現在リハビリ中です。長年患っていたスレートネックと軽度の側弯症を去年の春から治療していたのですが、一番やってはいけない長時間座りっぱなしのフライト、重い物を持ち上げる、高さの合わない枕を使う、うつむいた状態での長時間作業を、去年はやりすぎました。(;^ω^) なので今年は旅行は無し、作品制作も一点できるかどうか、を予定しています。現在カイロプラクター、鍼治療、ヨガ、ウェイトトレーニングなどの治療に専念しています。そして来年からはまたフルに活動を再開したいです。というわけで、こちらの更新もまばらになりますが気長にお付き合いくださいね。

I am using this foam block to restore natural curvature on my cervical spine.

It works like this. It’s painful at first but I can hyper extend my neck after doing this treatment for few months.

A Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to all my doll friends!
My new year resolution this year is ” slow down”. I over worked last year and one year went by so fast  without even noticing the change of season. I ended up neglecting my health and paying due right now. 🙁   I like to slow down this year and concentrate on healing my body and mind, enjoy daily life, learn something new outside of doll making. I will still be making dolls but probably one doll for sale. I will work on dolls as my body condition allows and do not want to pressure myself to ” finish by certain date”. I appreciate so many people are waiting for my next doll but I hope you will understand my decision. I am hoping to go back to doll making in full swing from next year. In order to do that, I need to take a break this year.

Have a stress free year ahead. May all your dreams come true. Keep smiling. 🙂    Happy 2020 !