Newest Creation 12″ Bru Jne

Here she is! My newest creation is a 12″ Bru Jne doll. It’s been a big change for me to work on such a small doll since my last doll was 30″ tall. But my eyes adjusted very well for making the small dress as I was putting more hours in. I was able to pay enough attention to details to make her corset or adding tiny trims. I am very happy with how she turned out.
She is 12″ tall without a wig, about 14″ with bonnet. Her wig is an antique blonde mohair wig, her eyes are British eyes with spiral thread which gives her an antique look. I made a Chevrot style body and stained leather and lower legs to give an aged look. All her undergarments are made from antique cotton batiste and lace, her tiny corset even has bone.I chose gold and ecru colored antique silk fabrics to make her ensemble since she looks like a little jewel. This is my favorite color combination. Her dress looks very rich and elegant, you can’t help noticing her even though she is a little doll. I also made tiny Bru leather shoes with a ” Bru Jne Paris” stamp on the sole. I thoroughly enjoyed making these little items for this doll.All my future dolls are reserved for customers who are on the waiting list so she already has a new owner. I hope the new owner will enjoy her as much as I did!



Bru shoes and undergarments

I made Bru leather shoes for 12″ Bru! I also realized I have not posted her undies including her tiny corset. Here are photos of her costumes. They are all custom made by me for this doll using antique materials. ( except socks and wig, I did not make them, the wig is an antique mohair wig)

Bru 嬢の小さな靴が完成しました!これでお仕度がすべて完成です。と思ったところで、下着の画像を載せるのをすっかり忘れていたことに気づきました。せっかく小さなコルセットも作ったので、ぜひお仕度の全部を見てください。靴下とアンティークのモヘアウィッグ以外は、アンティーク素材を使ってすべて私が制作しました。


A Little Bonnet for 12″ Bru

I finished making a little bonnet for 12” Bru doll! I used the same gold-colored antique silk fabric as base and decorated with silk chiffon and ribbons,millinery flowers.
I tried not to over decorate since it’s a small bonnet. I like doll hats that complement the dress, not to overpower the dress or doll itself.
Next project is making her shoes then she will be complete!

I love finding antique fabric with damaged silk yet still has beautiful trims. こういったシルク地がボロボロでも、飾り部分がきれいに残っているアンティークドレスを見つけるとワクワクします。

Small Bru dress is complete

A little gold and ecru Bru dress is complete! ( for my 12” Bru)  The fabric seems too shimmery under the lighting but the actual color is more subtle gold and ecru colored fabric. I used antique silk lace and paid a lot of attention to detail even though it’s a small size dress so it turned out to be a rather gorgeous dress!
 Next project is to make a hat to match this dress .


Bru dress details

Slow going dress making but getting there…  I made small scale shell trim and attaching to the edge of this piece.



And that’s where the trim piece goes . It’s a belt for low waist dress.