Filming Youtube video at Carmel Doll Shop

I was given a rare opportunity the other day to film doll program videos for Facebook online doll convention World Doll Day Celebration with Machael Canadas at Carmel doll shop/ The Grovian Museum.

My friend Sally Freeman and I went to Carmel Doll Shop in California and we successfully finished filming four videos!
Michael and I did a program about anatomy of Bru bodies both in English and Japanese.
We also filmed a Doll Museum tour in Japanese for Japanese audiences. Sally filmed a program of rare antique Japanese dolls wearing boots and kimono and western dress.

My two Bru sisters also appeared during the introduction. ( they are sold dolls so I borrowed them from their current owners ) 

These videos will be premiered at online doll convention World Doll Day Celebration on Facebook in early December. If you have a Facebook account, please join world doll day celebration to view all the wonderful online doll programs they offer.

If you do not have a Facebook account, you can view these videos on YouTube later on ( around Christmas?) from Michael Canadas YouTube channel.

 His channel offers so many fun doll videos to help expand your doll world.
I recommend subscribing to his channel so that you won’t miss new releases.




これらの動画は、12月初旬にFacebook上で行われるオンラインドールコンベンションworld doll day celebration のプログラムの一部として配信されます
もしFacebookのアカウントをお持ちの方は、12月のworld doll day celebration にもぜひ参加してみて下さい。Facebookに加入されてない方は、12月の終わり頃にこれらの動画がYouTubeから配信されるそうなので、そちらからご覧になれます。

Michael Canadasの名前で検索すると、カーメルドールさんのチャンネルに行く事ができます。