19 inch Bru Jne 11 will be at Reno Doll Show

I will be displaying my newest Bru doll at Reno Doll show on Oct 6th at the Holiday Inn in Sparks NV, 55 Nugget Ave.
She will be there as my work sample and not for sale since I am taking her to Japan in November.
But I will be selling my photo books and other doll related items.
Please come join us and see this Bru doll in person!

A bonnet for Bru with pink dress

I made this bonnet for my new Bru with a pink dress.


Brim part is made with antique organdy. It’s my favorite color and texture.                                     ブリムはアンティークのオーガンジーです。この色のオーガンジーは私の大好きな色と風合いです。



A Pink Dress for 19 inch Bru doll

I finished pink dress for my new Bru doll. It turned out completely different from what I originally designed but I am very happy with the result. I used abondance of antique lace on skirt area to make it looks like princess dress. Amazingly, she looks really good in this sweet dress despite of her expression with an attitude.  How funny! 🙂


Working on dress for Bru

I started making a dress for my new Bru with blue silk fabric. But somehow it did not feel right when I was trying bodice on to her. I have already spend two days making bodice and sleeves but I have decided to change the color. She has paler skin tone and dark blonde wig, and that made her look so much better with pink! It’s been a while I use pink for my Bru doll especially in this size. I don’t use this color very often but it makes me so excited and happy just looking at it. Pink always does magic on girls. 🙂


She looks so right in pink!

Assembled Bru body and head

I have already made Chevrot style body for this head in advance. I assembled the body and head today. I think I am going to use these eyes for her. Gatta get going with dress making next!


New Doll~19 inch Bru Jne 11 head

Finally!  I made this new Bru Jne 11 head with antique eyes that I will be showing in Japan this coming November. I have been trying different eyes and wigs to find out which combination makes her look the best. I never knew which one will work out till I try them on. This process is one of the fun part when I am making a new doll.


I had these eyes with blonde wig in mind when started making this head

But then I tried these eyes and wig, she looks more attractive to me so I changed to this combination.

Which do you like better?