Chevrot body for 12″ Bru

I attached the Bru head to Chevrot style body. She is now 12 inch tall.
I made this body last year while I was making the same body for 30” Bru doll.
Even though she is much smaller in scale, her upper arms and upper legs are made with metal and has metal hinged hip joint. Exactly the same construction as the larger size doll.
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comparing the size difference with 30” Bru

All my dolls have my name and year engraved at the back

12 inch Bru head

Just finished painting a 12 inch Bru head. Amazingly, my first trial head came out really well. Taking enough time off seemed to help improving my work ability. I don’t have antique eyes for this small head so I am using these British blue eyes with spiral threads.
I often use this particular model glass eyes for small doll heads because they give dolls that antique look. I really like her! ( this doll is reserved)


Making next doll

It’s time to get back to work after having an entire month off in January. My next doll will be 12″ Bru Jne. I cast a head and made a Chevrot style body already last year so the process should move along nicely.
Well, that’s what I thought…Unfortunately I found a crack line when I immersed the SFGW head in water for cleaning.
These kinds of problems happen quite often and sadly I won’t be able to find flaws till I go to the next stage. It’s very discouraging but I have no time to waste by sobbing, just move on and cast more heads.
*Please note; all my new dolls are reserved for customers in waiting list up to 2025*

実は去年のうちにすでにヘッドを一回作って(ボツになりましたが)さらにSFGWヘッドも焼いて、ボディも作ってありました。なのでサクサクと制作が進むはずです。 と思ったのですが。。。。Σ(゚д゚lll) クリーニングのためにヘッドを水に浸けたところ、耳の後ろにクラックラインが。。

found a crack line after submerging the head in water

I had made this Chevrot style body and head last year. I am making a new head since this head does not have the quality I want