Making next doll

It’s time to get back to work after having an entire month off in January. My next doll will be 12″ Bru Jne. I cast a head and made a Chevrot style body already last year so the process should move along nicely.
Well, that’s what I thought…Unfortunately I found a crack line when I immersed the SFGW head in water for cleaning.
These kinds of problems happen quite often and sadly I won’t be able to find flaws till I go to the next stage. It’s very discouraging but I have no time to waste by sobbing, just move on and cast more heads.
*Please note; all my new dolls are reserved for customers in waiting list up to 2025*

実は去年のうちにすでにヘッドを一回作って(ボツになりましたが)さらにSFGWヘッドも焼いて、ボディも作ってありました。なのでサクサクと制作が進むはずです。 と思ったのですが。。。。Σ(゚д゚lll) クリーニングのためにヘッドを水に浸けたところ、耳の後ろにクラックラインが。。

found a crack line after submerging the head in water

I had made this Chevrot style body and head last year. I am making a new head since this head does not have the quality I want

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