14″ Bru Jne 4 with antique eyes

I am introducing my newest doll 14″ Bru Jnr 4 with antique eyes.

( she is reserved for a customer on the waiting list )

I painted her bisque with pinker skin tone like an antique Bru doll. I think she seems to have a more authentic look with her antique eyes with pink skin.

Her wig is a mohair which I made by using antique mohair locks. I also made her a Chevrot style body and stained leather and lower legs to give an aged look.

Her costume was made with antique aqua blue silk fabric with silk lace overlay. I wanted to make a Jumeau style dress for her so I modified the design more suitable for a Bru doll by making a wider opening around the front neck line to show her bisque breast. I also added a hand stitched cord trim design on the jacket as an accent.

The bonnet is made from the teal color silk fabric for the front brim and teal colored velvet at the back. I added feather decoration along with silk taffeta ribbons. It’s decorated minimally but looks gorgeous with the dress.

All her undergarments including the corset are made from antique materials. Her shoes are made from black lamb leather and have ” Bru Jne Paris” stamp at the sole.

I posted her photos on Instagram last week and many of you have seen her photos already. I appreciate so many inquiries about her. All my new dolls are reserved for customers on the waiting list till 2025.

Thank you for visiting to view her! Hope you enjoyed it.







Bru corset

I made a corset for little Bru.
Now she is all complete however,
I am having a major asthma flare-up right now from smoke by wildfire. I won’t be able to photograph her till I feel better. ( I took these photos last week ) Sorry for the long wait. I appreciate your patience 🥺



Bru shoes

I finished making a pair of Bru shoes for my 14″ Bru Jne doll. They are made with black lamb skin I purchased in NYC recently . The sole has stamp of ” Bru Jne Paris”.

Bru嬢の革靴が出来上がりました。アンティークのBru靴から型紙を起こして、サイズを縮小して作っています。黒い革部分は、先日ニューヨークで仕入れた子羊の革を使い、靴底には”Bru Jne Paris”の刻印を押してあります。