Attaching head on antique Bru body

I am going to show the process of  how I attached my reproduction Bru head on antique Bru body.



First, I removed old nails that was anchoring the body and bisque breast plate.


Arms were connected by elastic. It appears this was done by someone more recently because the elastic looked still new.


Almost 130 years old metal neck connector. It’s in great condition.


After I attached my reproduction head on antique breast plate, I pushed old nail back in the body to secure them.


Original chest band with remnant of paper label.


I glued chest band over bisque plate and leather body.


She is back in one piece again with a new head!


I have decided to use this blonde wig as a default wig and brown wig as an option so that new owner can choose either one.


I am going to use this sapphire color antique silk for her dress.


I am in huge dilemma !

My heart was pounding from excitement when I finished this new Bru head. She turned out sooooo pretty! If I could, I would not sell her and keep with me, that’s how good she looks.  The spiral threaded blue eyes I originally planned to use for this head did not fit very well, so I used these antique blue eyes instead. Not only they fit perfectly but gave her authentic look of antique Bru Jne.

My problem is, I have these blonde wig and dark brown wig and I just can’t make up my mind which one to use. I love the look of blue eyes with dark hair but she also looks very beautiful in blonde wig.

I would like to have some input which wig looks better on her. I am planning to use cobalt blue silk for her dress. Thank you everyone!!

新作のBruヘッドが完成した時、あまりの興奮に胸がどきどきしてしまいました。できるものならこのまま私のコレクションとしてキープしたいくらいです。 事前に用意していたスパイラルアイは残念ながら上手くフィットしなかったので、代わりにこちらのアンテイークブルーアイを使いました。思った以上によくフィットして、アンテイークのBruにだいぶ近い感じに出来上がりました。このタイプのお顔はとても好きです。