My next doll

My next doll is 14” Bru Jne 4.
I started making lower legs while bisque parts are being fired for soft firing.
I don’t have Bru leg mold for this size so I casted Jumeau leg and reshaped it to Bru leg while clay is still soft. I am using the actual Bru leg as a guide.
Next I cleaned soft fired greenware Bru head.
I only use exacto knife to make eye holes. I don’t use an eye beveler because I tend to chip the eye rim with beveler. (;^ω^)

Cast Jumeau leg at first

Then reshape Jumeau leg to Bru leg

Using antique Bru leg as guide

make sure to carve toes on sole just like antique Bru foot

baked them in the oven then became hard composition leg

Victorian fashion show and tea party

I attended Victorian fashion show and tea party in Virginia City, Nevada. Virginia city is Reno’s neighboring city and still preserves original buildings and streets from the Victorian era.Virginia city was booming with silver mining in the 1800’s and was a very modern city at that time. They even has an Opera house.
The event was held at the Historic Fourth Ward school museum built in 1876. Participants are encouraged to wear period costumes so my friend and I fixed up costumes quickly.      ( We only had one week to prepare) I adjusted the size of the Edwardian dress for my size and decorated a vintage hat with feathers and ribbons to wear for this occasion.People who modeled for the fashion show actually made their own costumes! ( Very well made) We also had an opportunity to study about antique dresses from that era including how undergarments are constructed and assembled. It was an extremely interesting and educational event. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I would love to make an Victorian costume for myself to attend next time.



Presentation box

I made a presentation box with a vintage all bisque doll to donate as this summer’s UFDC national convention helper gift. Sierra Nevada doll club members donated materials and I put them together. I won’t be attending convention this year but someone who wins this ruffle prize will enjoy it . 🥰