Jewel Of The Opera Garnier by Dale Rensing

My dear friend and owner of “Ages Designs,” Dale Rensing, has published her first children’s book called “Jewel of The Opera Garnier.”                                                       Dale is a talented doll dress-maker who also collects a few of my dolls. She uses one of my Bru dolls as her dress model on her website.                                                              The main character, “Jewel” in her book, is inspired by another 16- inch Bru Jne 6 I made for her in 2009.                                                                                                                          If you know how each of the American Girl dolls comes with her own story book,  “Jewel of The Opera Garnier” is a similar piece of historical fiction.  In this story a little girl living in Paris dreams of becoming a ballerina.                                                                                   It is a very heart- warming story and takes you back to being a little girl as you turn each page. I am extremely honored that my doll was an inspiration for this book.

Dale explains how “Jewel” came alive in her mind:

“Those who collect the dolls of Sayuri Sinn do so because they are special in so many ways. Their distinct unique quality is not just that they come so close to reproducing the look of the original antique Bru’s, but that they also evoke a similar feel. The Bru Jne, particularly of the Chevrot period, came so close to what the doll artists of today continually strive to achieve – that pensive, imploring look of a real child. Sayuri’s dolls have this same quality, often exciting the imagination to dream up imaginary histories of who this little girl really is. Such was the case with Jewel, one of the stars of my doll collection. A little princess from the moment she was placed in the doll cabinet, Jewel captured my attention, and inspired me to write the story about what her life would have been like had she truly been real. “Jewel of the Opera Garnier” is not the story about a doll who came to life, but the story of a living soul wrapped in a doll’s body. She is the embodiment of imagination. ”

It would be a perfect Christmas gift for your doll friends and anyone who is a little girl at heart

This book is now available from . ” Jewel Of The Opera Garnier”                      You can access Dale’s website “Ages Designs ” from here.

16 inch Bru Jne 6 ” Jewel” .  Now part of Dale Rensing’s collection.


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