A Happy New Year!

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us.
When I look back to the beginning of 2020, my new year resolution was to ” Slow down”.
I can now say my wish truly came true.
I was able to experience a lifestyle without deadlines for the first time in decades, I have rediscovered the beauty of the environment I have been living in for the last 20years.
Most of all I gained new friends in my neighborhood which I never had time to connect till now.  It’s been a difficult year yet I am very thankful that I was able to learn to appreciate what I already have.

I grew up in snow country so I know spring is far more enjoyable after we get through a harsh winter. I am 100% sure 2021 will be a better year and I am already so excited thinking about what I can do.
I will be making a new doll from January and I can’t wait to get started!

Please continue practicing safe hygiene to get through few more months. I am very much hopeful that we can resume traveling and reunite with doll friends sometime this year.
Wishing everyone A Very Happy New Year with lots of great things coming on your way.


Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my doll friends 🎄❤️
Please stay safe and have a wonderful time with your family!
May your new year be filled with happiness, health, and love.💕💕


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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful that all my families are healthy for this year’s Thanksgiving day. That’s all I wish for. I wish all of you the same A Safe and Happy Thanksgiving day!


Schmitt Bebe

I made this Schmit bebe head almost three years ago to keep in my collection. She will be 14 inch tall when finish and it was suppose to be my first Schmitt doll. Well, it’s been busy three years and I completely neglected her ( actually I forgot that I made her ) and I just found this head laying around in the box sadly. If you live in US right now, it’s very stressful time because of Presidential election. I have been restless just as many of you, and playing with dolls is the perfect way to keep me calm. So I have been playing with this Schmitt bebe for last few days. I attached the head to the body and trying different eyes and wigs. I will eventually make a dress for her and imagining best design for her is so exciting. It brought back love of dolls in my heart again.  I am not posting much on blog lately since I am not making any new dolls right now but I am posting dolls I have made in the past on Facebook and Instagram routinely. Please check my SNS if you see miss my posting!

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My little Schmitt head with blue spiral threaded eyes and sheep skin wig

Same head with different wig

Changed eyes to antique blue eyes

Antique eyes and blond wig. I like this combination the best


A Photo from customer

I have received a lovely photo from a customer so I’d like to post it
for you to enjoy. 🥰


19 inch Bru Jne head I made in the past. New owner attached the head on antique kid body. She is wearing an antique gown restored by owner. She looks fabulous!

16 inch Bru Jne 6 is now SOLD

Thank you for so many inquiries and applications for the lottery of my new doll.I ruffled the name of a winner this morning and she is now sold.I already emailed the winner so applicants who did not receive email from me by now, I am sorry your name was not picked this time.I will take a break from making new dolls for the rest of this year and will resume doll making next year. Hope the world will be back in normal by then. Please stay safe everyone and enjoy the summer!



16 inch Bru Jun 6 for sale

I am so excited to be able to offer this beautiful Bru doll for sale finally! Most of my dolls I made last year were sold at exhibitions in Japan and I have been receiving lots of inquiries ” when will the next doll be available online?”  Well here she is!

She is a 16 inch Bru Jne 6 with antique Chevrot body and antique blue eyes. Finding these antique bodies and eyes are getting harder each time so she is definitely a one-of-a kind doll. I made her head back in 2018 and it’s marked at the back of the head with my name. Her antique eyes are high crystal dome dark blue eyes which give her a softer look.
I made bisque arms and upper arms to match the color of an antique Chevrot body and a bisque shoulder plate came with the body could be vintage. ( please refer to my old entry for more detail of making arms).
Her blond mohair wig was made from all antique materials by me. Her dusky pink dress ensemble is also made all from antique materials and hand stitched by me. Please note this antique silk fabric has some holes and stains from its age. I advise to minimize touching the dress and keep the doll away from sunlight in order to preserve in good condition. She comes with cotton batiste three piece underwear and corset and bustle pad. An antique purse she is holding and pink earrings are also included.
Please email me at bebesbysayuri1@gmail.com to inquire about this doll if you are interested in. I have multiple serious buyers even before she was completed so I will pick a buyer by using the lottery system on July 19th Sunday. This is not an auction, she has a fixed price. I accept paypal payment and bank transfer from international buyers and  paypal and personal checks from domestic buyers.
Thank you for visiting my blog to view my newest creation. I hope you enjoy seeing her!

I made Bru style shoes with black lamb leather. Socks are vintage cotton socks.

A fancy hat for Bru

The dress for my Bru needs miner adjustment meanwhile, I went ahead finished her hat. I always spend good amount of time thinking about what size of brim will be perfect for each doll. Carefully consider the balance with the dress and her head size against her body, she seemed to look better with a hat with larger brim. I must say I love using antique chiffon for front side of the brim. It seems I am using this material a lot for my latest dolls. Oh well, I hope new owner will also like this style. 😉

ドレスはほとんど完成したのですが、ちょっと直しが必要な部分があるので、先にボネットを仕上げました。ボネを作る時はいつもブリムの大きさを決めるのに時間がかかってしまうのですが、この娘の場合ドレスとのバランス、ボディに対するヘッドの大きさなどを考慮した結果、大きいブリムのボネが似合うと思いました。 最近作った作品のボネと比べてみると、どうも私アンテイークのシフォン生地が好きなようで、結構似たようなの作ってます。😅


My favorite type of antique chiffon fabric. It’s more precious than gold to me!

Bows, bows, bows!

My trial and error moment. Making lots of sample bows for the front part of the dress to find out which style works the best. I do this very often when I am not sure about the design of sleeve cuffs or accent bows etc …This is something I can’t tell till I make actual samples and apply directly on the dress. Very time consuming process but you don’t want to ruin the dress by using the wrong type of bows. I often find out the most unexpected one ends up working the best. It’s a nice surprise and widens variety of future designs.