My next doll

February came and gone and I feel like I did not accomplished anything. I was doing some prep work for May workshop between watching Olympic and doing tax prep. I don’t usually manufacturer multiple doll parts at one once so this is very time consuming. I am also trying to develop original pattern of Chevrot body from antique Bru Chevrot body instead of using conventional body pattern I have been using. This job also turned out to be challenging because original Bru body pattern is very different from conventional one. I feel like I opened can of worms I am not suppose to. 🙁 Meanwhile I have been receiving few inquiries about my next doll for sale. I started Schmitt doll last time but that’s not going to finish anytime soon since I have plenty prep work to do for May workshop. I have decided to make 14 inch Bru Jne 4 by using antique Chevrot body I am using to make body pattern from. At least I can tell everyone that’s what my next doll will be. 🙂



This will be my first doll for sale this year,14 inch Bru Jne 4 with antique Chevrot body. However, I do not like result of this head so I will be making another one.          今年初めての新作は、このアンティークボディを使った35cmほどのBruJne4です。 試作品のこのヘッドは出来上がりが気に入らないのでボツにして、また新しいのを作り直します。

I am making new body pattern from this antique Chevrot body.                       ワークショップ用のボディパターンを、オリジナルのBruシェブローボディから取ってみることにしました。


At least I made SFGW for May workshop. They will be cleaned and bisque fired, then I will apply skin tone in order to save time during workshop. ワークショップ用のSFGWが出来ました。ワークショップの時間を有効に使うため、これからビスク焼成をして、肌色の絵付けまでしてから皆さんにお顔の絵付けをしてもらいます。


Schmitt et Fils doll

I’ve always wanted to make Schmitt reproduction doll but never had a chance till now. Despite of the fact that antique Schmitt doll comes with few different types of faces, available head mold for reproduction doll is very limited. Fortunately there is one mold happen to have the face I like and she makes 14 inch cabinet size doll. I do prefer bit larger size like around 20 inches but that’s okay. I am making this doll just for fun to keep as part of my collection. I know many of you are waiting for my next doll for sale but this kind of small pleasure helps to inspire me to make better dolls in future.



She looks good on blue fabric.


Antique Schmitt often wearing this type skin wig. She looks great on this wig too!






Mulatto Bru head

Here is another extra doll head I am playing with. This is 19 inch Mulatto Bru Jne 11 head.


I had these vintage brown paper weight eyes from unknown company. They have very high crystal domes and nice threaded patterns. They fit perfectly for this head. I wish I could find maker of these eyes.( They are not from Hand craft or Kanis eyes, or Schoepfers eye)


With Circle Dot Bru head. I like to make bodies for them somday.


Circle Dot Bru head

If you are wondering when I am going to start making a new doll, it’s not that I am not doing anything. 🙂  I have been busy trying to figure out how to prepare workshop in May and being bit slow to start new doll project.  Meanwhile, I noticed few Circle Dot Bru heads with half painted laying around on my desk for few years. ( they are dated 2015) I have decided to finish them just for fun while I am running kiln for other project. Looks like I gave up painting because I could not accept doll head with uneven eye cut back then. Circle Dot Bru head is very challenging to paint because if I don’t paint right, it can turn into very ” ugly” face. But without practice, I won’t be able able to improve my skill anyway, these are perfect material for that purpose. Her eye cut is very uneven but I can see it as her charming character now. Funny how our brain seem to be able to adopt negative images as a positive one in overtime.


Workshop seats SOLD OUT

I have filled all 4 seats for workshop I just posted yesterday. Thank you so much for all inquiries. I truly appreciated! This will be my first workshop for advanced doll makers and if it goes well, I will plan on another one sometime in future. Thank you again everyone!


Workshop ” Making 14 inch Bru Jne 4 with Chevrot style body”

A Happy New Year! Finally Holiday season is over and I am ready to get back to normal routine. Are you?  I like to start 2018 by announcing exciting plan ” workshop to make 14 inch Bru Jne 4 with Chevrot style body” in my house this spring.  I have received so many requests to host event in US and I can finally schedule one this year. Instead of hosting event outside, I like to invite participants in my house to teach how to make small size Bru doll with Chevrot body like this little girl on photo below.

* The date will be May 25th through 28th 2018 , 4 full day seminar at my house in Reno NV.                                                                                                                    * Cost of the event will be $700 per person and this includes bisque blank Bru Jne 4 head, all body parts ( bisque SP, bisque Bru arms, composition lower legs) , all materials to make Chevrot style body including patterns, lunch for 4 days. * Participants will be painting Bru face focusing on eyebrows, lashes and lips and I will show you how to make the Chevrot style body step by step.                              *  Number of seat of this class will be 4  because I like to keep it as small class.      * I will transport participants from and to Hotel since my house is located  about 30 min drive away from hotel in town.                                                                           * Participants are responsible to book hotel and flight. 

I will post more details about the event later on but I just want to know if anyone interested at this point. If you do, please email me at to inquire. Hope I could make this happen this year!



* 日程 アメリカ時刻 2018年5月25日から28日までの4日間のセミナー

* 場所 リノネバダにある私の自宅

* 参加費 お一人様700ドル 参加費に含まれる内容はBruJne4ビスクブランクヘッド、ビスクSP、Bruビスクアーム、コンポジションレッグ、シェブローボディ制作の材料、ボディパターン、4日間のランチ

* セミナー内容 BruJne4ヘッドの眉毛、まつげ、唇の描き方を中心とした絵付けの指導、アンティークのシェブローボディに忠実なボディ制作の指導

* 定員は4名です。クラスはなるべく小さくしたいのでこの人数での募集です。

* リノ市内のホテルから私の家まで車で30分ほどなので、その間の送迎は私がします。参加者の皆さんはホテル、飛行機の予約を各自でお願いいたします。




カレンダー、ポストカード、小冊子セット                   カレンダー、ポストカードセット




Happy Holidays!

2017 turned out to be very busy yet extremely successful year to me. I accomplished so much more than I expected as a full time doll maker. I was exhausted after coming back from Japan but I am already making plans for next year and eager to get back on doll making. I like to thank everyone who supported me through the year. Please have safe and happy holiday season. Look forward to sharing another wonderful doll year in 2018!




12 pages 8.5″ x 13″ 2018 Bebes by Sayuri original calendar  1500円

70 pages  6″ x 8″ all color ” bebesbysayuri 2006 – 2016 “  photo book      2376円(税込み)

35 pages 6″ x 6″ all color booklet ” bebesbysayuri Japan 2017″  1080円(税込み)

ポストカードセット4枚組 800円(税込み)

Doll Exhibition at Geographica Tokyo

I just came back from Japan after spending opening day of doll exhibition at Geographica Tokyo. This was my very first public exhibition I participate in Japan and I was extremely nervous. It is group exhibition so my dolls were displayed along with dolls created by top doll artists in the country. The quality of each dolls were amazingly high, the environment of gallery ( it was part of antique furniture shop) was just ideal for displayng dolls with ” Victorian ” theme. I could not ask for better place to show my dolls in such wonderful setting. I requested to place my dolls in front of mirror so that people can see the back view of the dolls. To meet my request, the organizer prepared a beautiful antique vanity with folding mirrors, perfect place to showcase my dolls. I received many complements how perfect setting that was. Both of my dolls were sold on opening day by lottery and I was able to meet and talk to customers.That is something I could not do if I didn’t fly to Japan. I was also able to meet other doll artists and they were all friendly. We exchanged some ideas and techniques, I learned so much from seeing actual artist dolls and meeting creators. I had the most wonderful and meaningful time during this visit. I hope I will be able to have another opportunities like this in future!