Wildfire in South Lake Tahoe

Thank you for many concerning emails regarding wildfire in South Lake Tahoe.Where I live is still far up north from the fire and we do not have imminent danger however we have been suffering from smoke and air pollution for almost two months.

The Sky is covered with thick gray smoke for days and we did not have time to enjoy summer. We are having extreme drought this year and the fire season started very early. It seems to be getting worse each year. I hope this is not going to be a new normal …
I have been having respiratory problems from this prolonged smoke and air pollution and it’s interfering with my work. I am hoping cooler weather in September will help to control the fire soon. Keep fingers crossed. 😞



It looks like fog but it’s actually smoke 毎日霧のように煙が立ち込めています

Some days we have air quality gets up to hazardous level. I can’t go outside without wearing N95 mask. 日によっては空気汚染が危険レベルまで上がるので、N95のマスクを着けなければ外へ出ることもできません。😢

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