Blue dress base design

I have been wanting to make Bru dress with A line shape that often seen on fashion dolls but not very common on bebe dolls. Occasionally you see antique Bru dolls wearing this kind of dress because Bru dolls have beautiful body with narrow waist that able to fit in dresses in this style.

My little Diva will have this blue dress as her second dress along with her red dress.  I chose antique blue silk taffeta fabric this time. I had another choice to use powder blue antique silk but she seem to look better with darker shade than pastel color.  Maybe because of her strong personality ???


ずっと前から、Aラインスタイルのドレスを私のBru に着せてみたかったのですが、今回思い切って作ってみることにしました。このスタイルはファッションドールには良く使われていますが、べべドールにはあまり見かけませんよね。Bruはウエストが締まった美しいボデイーを持っているので着こなすことができ、このスタイルのドレスを着たアンテイークBruを時々見かけます。


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