Bru dress # 1 completed

Reno was having record breaking heat for all week last week. Where I live usually doesn’t get very hot during summer and we don’t have AC in our house. It was very uncomfortable when outside temp reached over 100 degrees and I could not get on dress making because I didn’t feel like using iron during such heat.               Fortunately heat wave finally left us and I was able to use iron to finish the dress.

先週は西海岸で地域で記録的な暑さが一週間続きました。私が住んでいる地域は普段はそれほど暑くならないので、エアコンはありません。でもさすがに気温が40度近くまで上がると、もうじっとしているか水に入るか以外する気になれません。なので、とてもドレスを作るためにアイロンを使えるような環境ではなかったです。                2,3日前からやっと気温が普通に戻って、ドレスを仕上げることができました。

Here is the pictures of the finished dress. ドレスの画像はこちらです。


I was planning to use silver threaded flower trim for accent but turned out it makes dress look too busy so I decided to use antique buttons instead. I also did not use complicated patterns for the front panel because it looks too busy and destructing. It would look great on larger size dress but I tend to like smaller size dress with simple design.                            I will be making one more dress for my 14 inch Bru and I think I am going to use pink next!


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