Fabrics for the dress

If you ever worked with antique silk fabrics, you know how fragile they are.                  Some of them are so brittle, it literally crumbles when you touch them.                                I have this dark green antique silk fabric that has tears all over due to its age and it’s in unusable condition. But I have a ” secret weapon” that I can apply to this kind of fabrics and make it reusable.It’s just simple cotton batiste but has glue at one side and you can fuse it by ironing .There are similar fusible web sheet you can buy at craft store but most of them have too much glue and make fabrics too stiff. Not suitable for doll dress.This material is made with cotton batiste and has very thin layer of glue and it does not make fabrics too stiff.It’s perfect for antique silk. Unfortunately I can not find the same backing fabrics in US. I purchased it in Japan because these type of fabrics are commonly used among crafters in Japan. If anyone knows the same materials you can purchase in US, please let me know. They are very handy for sure.


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