23 inch Jumeau Triste reproduction doll for sale

It’s been 5 month since I started working on this 23 inch Jumeau Triste and she is finally completed! I have been posting bits and pieces of her parts and dress and probably made you crazy. 🙂 Now you can finally view her complete look. ( I hope all of you are excited!) Because of strong contrast of her dark color jacket and ecru skirt, she was extremely difficult to photograph. Also my camera tend to exaggerate blue color of her eyes and red tone of her human hair, it almost looked like she has orange red hair with extremely blue eyes. Her dark green jacket has lighter emerald green tone than picture but I am unable to capture the true color with my camera. So I like you to imagine that she has less red tone on the wig and less blue tone on her eyes, and more emerald green tone on the jacket. 🙂   Boy, that is so confusing!


I used all antique materials to make this dress. As I posted in my blog before, ecru silk was from antique wedding gown from Edwardian era.I hope the original owner of the gown will be happy with the way this dress turned out.


I used antique blue eyes for this Triste head. These eyes are so beautiful and in great shape but unfortunately they did not fit on any of my Bru head mold I have. But perfect fit for this Triste head mold and I am happy that I was able to make a doll with these eyes. Her lace bonnet is also hand made by me. All materials are antique except the silk ribbon on top.


She also has antique Jumeau body with straight wrist, just like antique Triste would have. The body is newly strung and has aged wears and paint chips at joints.


Her undergarments are five pieces as you see on photo below. I made them from antique cotton fabrics and lace.                            下着は全部で5ピースです。すべてアンテイークのコットンとレースで作りました。


I made her shoes with black leather. Socks are vintage cotton socks.         画像の ジュモーシューズも私の手作りです。靴下はコットンのビンテージです。

This doll is now sold. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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