Casting new doll head

I started working on new doll head. My next doll will be 16 inch Bru Jne 6. This mold is one of my favorites but cutting eyes on this doll head is rather tricky. Shapes of both eyes are much larger than what I want and they are uneven. I have made very unattractive doll in the past by cutting eye holes by following mold line. In order to create more attractive eyes, I usually erase lower eye line by smoothing the surface with wet soft brush right after I open the mold.This procedure has to be done when the greenware is still wet. Once greenware is softfired, I draw the shape of eyes that I like with pencil and cut it open.


Bru Jne 6 head right after I opened the mold.                    モールドを開けてすぐのBru Jne6号ヘッド

Erasing lower eye line with wet soft brush when the greenware is still wet.       目の下のアイラインを水に浸した習字用の筆でなぞって消しているところ。これはグリーンウェアがまだ湿っている状態の時に行います。

Lower eye lines are not so visible anymore. I can make different shape of eyes now.        目の下のアイラインがかなりぼやけました。これで、別な形のアイホールが作れます。

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