Repairing foot of Antique Chevrot body

I don’t usually repair antique bodies and I have never repaired wooden legs of antique Chevrot body. I wasn’t even sure if this method will work but it did!  I took pictures of footage of my repair work this time and I like to share with everyone. Hope it will provide some hint to someone who is planing to repair wooden legs in future.



Left toes are completely missing.

I used Duncan doll composition clay to make missing toes. Poured  in leg mold with similar size.

Tracing toe shape from right foot.

Then traced shape of broken edge

Trace the edge line on clay and cut off toes from the line.

Attach clay to broken foot.

Carve toes with scalpel and stylus .

Round the edge with wet soft brush.

Let it dry till clay becomes harder.

Remove clay from the foot.

Bake clay in the oven to cure. Duncan clay does not shrink like porcelain.

Glue composition toe with wood glue.

Paint base skin color.

Paint Shellac over skin color.

Sand around toes to give antique look. Ta-da~~!! Looks pretty good to me!

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