My old Bru Jne 6 head

When I get stressed out, I like to dig in my junk box ( box with extra doll heads that did not get used in the past) and play with these doll heads. I am constantly looking for and buying doll eyes and like to try them with different heads I have. Many doll heads do not look right with certain eyes. On the other hand, if I can find perfect eyes to match the head, she suddenly becomes so gorgeous.

I found this Bru head I made in 2010. I don’t remember why she ended up in my junk box because it’s been four years since I made her. Maybe her coloring was not right. She has very pink skin tone and I was making dolls with much paler coloring back then. Maybe glass eyes that customer requested did not look right with this head. Anyway,her facial paint looks good and I don’t see any flaws on the bisque, so I decided to try on these antique blue eyes I acquired recently. Wow, I was amazed how beautiful she turned out!

I especially like how her lips are painted. This particular mold has huge space between upper and lower lips and if I don’t paint right, she would have frightened or screaming look.But I was able to paint her ” tongue” instead of giving her screaming look.I mean, more I look at her more I love about her!  She makes me so excited and makes me want to create a complete doll with this head. I even know what dress I should make. She really speaks to me.

I am currently restoring antique Chevrot body and in the process of making a head for the body. But I’d rather work on the doll makes me excited and keeps me inspired.
I am wondering which doll I should be making. A Bru with antique body or this old Bru head I just discover?? I would like to have some input form you.
(まだ絵付けまでこぎつけていませんが)でも、道のりは長いので、どちらかというと今回、再発見したこの娘を完成させたい気持ちが強くなりました。う~ん、どちらを優先させるべきか?? 皆さんはどちらのほうを先に作って欲しいですか?

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