Bru Chevrot body repair in progress

I am almost completed repairing the antique Bru Chevrot body by finishing upper arms today. I was going to use Bru Jne 11 head originally but once arms are attached, Bru Jne 11 head seem too large and unbalanced with this body. My next choice would be Bru Jne 8 head. Balance wise this head seems just right, but unfortunately it’s not one of my favorite mold. I rarely use this mold because it doesn’t have molded ” tongue” in her mouth.  I even sanded off part of the mouth from the mold to create space between lips. I cast the head and I like the little flat space between lips I am seeing. This will make it easier to paint illusion tongue.


Top up the body with granulated cork and pack firmly then stitch up the top to close.   ボデイーの中にもう少し顆粒状のコルクを足してかっちり詰めます。その後、布の部分を縫い付けて閉じます。

I still had remnant of vintage kidskin. It matches color perfectly with antique leather on torso. 幸いビンテージのキッドスキンがまだ残っていたので、それで上腕部を被います。色がボデイーの部分の革とかなり近いので、組み合わせはばっちりです。

Upper arms metal piece covered with kidskin.Lower arms are bisque.         上腕の金属部分をキッドスキンで被い、ビスクアームを取り付けました。

I applied neatsfoot oil on kidskin to give vintage look.                キッドスキンのところどころを革用のオイルで塗って、ちょっと使い古した風合いを出します。

Upper arm leather seem darker for now but it becomes similar color to torso once neatsfoot oil dries. I will glue shoulder plate and chest band to secure with torso when I attach the head.                                                                                       上腕に塗ったオイルが乾くまで多少色が濃いですが、乾くとボデイー部分と似たような色になります。あとはヘッドを取り付けて、チェストバンドをつけて出来上がりです。

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