29 inch Antique Scroll Mark FG Doll for sale

I don’t usually sell antique dolls but this time I am offering this antique FG doll for sale from my personal collection.
She is a large 29 inch tall closed mouth Scroll Mark FG . Her bisque is very pale and has no hairlines or cracks.
Even though her marking is a Scroll Mark FG, she has blondish skinny eyebrows and that makes her look more like Block Letter FG . She has blue P.W. glass eyes and plaster of back of eyes is original ( never removed or repaired).
There is very tiny chip on both side of pierced hole.She has a crier body with two strings at the side of torso. Crier still works and makes small ” Mama” sound.
The torso part is composition but arms and legs are made with wood. There are some paint chips on torso and cracks at ankles but generally in good condition. No repainting is done on the body.
Her wig is a dark brown ringlet style human hair antique wig and her cork pate seem to be original to the doll.
She is wearing beautiful white cotton batiste dress with many pin tucks and insertion lace. The skirt part of the dress has three layers and she is wearing chemise and pantaloon underneath.
Her shoes are black leather shows with no markings.
She is offered at $4500 plus shipping. Please email me bebesbysayuri@hotmail.com for inquiries.
I can email more detailed photos for anyone who is interested in.
お値段は4500ドル+送料です。他にも詳しい画像がありますので、興味のある方はbebesbysayuri@hotmai.com までお問い合わせください。

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