Making legs for 14 inch Bru

I use to make lower lags in much simpler process. Cast legs in mold and dry, sand them and cure in the oven. Paint legs and they were done! But ever since I restored antique Chevrot body especially foot area, I am no longer satisfied with my old method. I want to make composition legs look more authentic. So I spent extra time with my new 14 inch Bru leg to experiment how much I can do to make molded legs look more authentic.


Carving lags closer to Bru leg shape when clay became hard like soap.Use scalpel and wet brush to shape toes and toe nails.


Left is the original leg shape formed by mold and right is the same leg after I modified because Bru legs usually have much skinnier ankles.


I carved more detail on toes just like Bru feet would be.               Bruのつま先はとても繊細に出来ているので、もっとデイテールが出るよう削りなおしました。

After clay was cured in the oven …                        オーブンで焼いた後はこんな感じです。

I gave antique finish to give vintage look.


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