Bru body completed

I antiqued leather section of the body and assembled head and body together. My kiln has brand new elements now and I can bisque fire in no time. It’s so wonderful !                     Here are photos of 14 inch Bru Jne 4 with Chevrot style body.


Next is dress making!!   I recently had few requests of recreating that famous Yamazaki Bru in blue dress. I am sure many of you recognize her from photo or form the book. She was a cover girl of “Rokusho” magazine published in Japan. I also had an opportunity to see her in person when I visited Palmira Yamazaki back in 2009. This doll is so much more prettier than pictures and her striking blue dress is just unforgettable.


Palmira was generous enough to give me a permission to use the design of this blue dress and hat and I am thinking to make the same dress for my little Bru. However, my Bru has different face than Yamazaki Bru so it’s not going to be a recreation of this famous doll. I will be using the same dress design to give similar look to my 14 inch Bru.    I have blue antique silk but paisley pattern blue silk is extremely difficult to find. ( I have been searching for quite long time but no luck so far) I am hoping to find something similar very soon. Wish me luck!


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