Black Bru doll head progress

I have been working on black Bru head for last couple of weeks. I opened kiln this morning and looked at the result of third firing of skin tone and it looks pretty good to me.


Before I painted skin tone. 絵付け前のビスク焼成後のヘッド

After first firing of dark skin tone.          一回目の肌色絵付け後

After second firing ( it looks shiny because I already applied medium to paint next skin tone).  2回目の肌色絵付け後(次の肌色をのせるためミデイウムを塗ってしまった後に撮影したのでテカッています)


After third firing. It looks pretty dark to me. I think I will stop here.           3回目の肌色絵付け焼成後。かなり濃くなったので、この辺で止めます。


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