17 inch Black Bru Jne with antique body ~ SOLD~

This doll is now SOLD and no longer available. Thank you for viewing!


If you have soft spot for ethnic doll, you are going to enjoy my newest creation 17 inch Black Bru Jne  reproduction doll.  I don’t make ethnic Bru very often but when I do, I want to make sure she is extra special.  This Black Bru is very special because she has an antique black kid body and antique brown PW eyes. These antique materials are extremely hard to find and I am very happy that I was able to put them together to create this one- of- a- kind doll.


I painted her bisque darker than Mulatto Bru since she is a black doll.  Her caramel brown eyes and skin tone are almost the same color.


Her dress is a classic Bru style drop waist dress. I think this design fits perfectly on plump Bru kid body. I used antique silk fabric with unique pattern for her jacket. This fabric did not fit on any other dolls I have made in the past and it was sitting in my closet for a long time. But it looks perfect on this Black Bru so I believe it was meant to be.


Back side of the jacket has puffed up bustle.                     ジャケット後ろ部分には膨らみのあるバッスルスタイルのデザインを取り入れました。

The dress opens up from one side and has hook-and-eye closure. The actual color of the skirt and front panel is teal green.


Base of the bonnet is a straw hat and the rest is decorated with antique silk ribbons and vintage millinery flowers.


Bru undergarment and shoes. These lovely chemise and drawers are made with antique cotton batiste and lace, accented with salmon pink ribbons. Bru style leather shoes are also hand made by me.


Her body is an antique black Bru kid body. Both arms and shoulder plate are my reproductions to match antique part of the body. Her kidskin lags have extensive patching repair due to fragile old leather. Her wig is a black mohair and I made the wig this time.




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