19 inch Bru Jne head

I started working on my next doll that I am taking to Tokyo with me this fall.  She will be 19 inch Bru Jne 11 with antique Chevrot body. I just finished cleaning head and she is ready for bisque firing.

東京へ一緒に連れて行く作品のヘッド制作に取り掛かりました。次の作品はアンテイークのシェブローボデイー付き19インチのBru Jne11です。磨きの段階が終わり、次はビスク焼成です。

Her eyes also will be antique. They are hard- to- find spiral threaded blue eyes.


I am thinking to use this beautiful cobalt blue antique silk bodice to make her dress. Look at these tiny intricate metal buttons! I am so lucky to find rows of same buttons still attached on the dress. They are perfect size for doll dress!


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