Milette size Bru Bonnet and Shoes

I finally completed bonnet and shoes for Milette size Bru Jne doll. She is almost ready for revealing!  ( probably this Sunday) I hope everyone is excited as much as I am!



I did not over decorate the bonnet and kept it rather simple because of the size of the doll. I wanted to make sure bonnet does not over power the doll face. I tried to use more lace or millinery flowers but they made bonnet look very busy and put too much weight on top part of the doll so this simple design is the one I settled with.

Same goes to the back side of the bonnet. Decorated only with pink silk ribbons and eliminated all flowers and other stuff.


Here are Milette size Bru shoes made with black leather. Bru style silver buckle was too large for these shoes so I used brown silk rosette and antique button for accent.


I will be photo shooting complete doll tomorrow. Revealing will be either tomorrow evening or Sunday. She will be available for sale at the same time. Please stay tuned!!


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