Another Bru head completed

I have never worked this hard to make a doll head in such short amount of time.
But It was worth getting up in the middle of night when kiln temperature is low enough to open so that I could add another layer of paint. I usually paint twice a day if I wait kin to cool down completely but I was able to paint three times a day this time. I now have a Bru head to complete the doll. I am leaving to Japan on Tuesday.


こんなに短期間でヘッドを完成させたのは初めてです。キルンがだいたい冷えた夜中に起きてヘッドを取り出し、また絵付け。。結果一日に3回絵付けすることが出来ました。(普段は一日2回どまりのスピード) おかげで火曜日の出発に間に合うヘッドが出来ました。まずはほっと一息。

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