Osaka Lunch Meeting Report

I just came back form Japan and had the most wonderful time there !                                 Lunch meeting at Osaka Japan was a huge success. I truly appreciate for everyone who came to see me and my new Bru doll. She found a new owner on site and all the struggle I had prior to this trip was well worth it. Hope to be able to host another meeting near future!



with participants of Osaka meeting   今回の大阪のイベントに参加された皆さんです

New Bru doll’s debut moment!  まずは皆さんに新作のBru嬢のお披露目から

Then stripped her dress …  そしてどんどんドレスを脱がしていきました。

It is rare occasion to be able to see and feel antique Chevrot body. I wanted everyone to admire this beautiful body created more than 100 years ago. なかなかお目にかかる機会のない100年以上も前に作られたアンテイークシェブローボデイーを、皆さんに見て触っていただきました。

I talked about tips of bonnet making with quick demonstration by using samples I brought.今回は多数のリクエストがあったボネットつくりのコツなどについて、サンプルを使ってお話しました。

I was bit embarrassed because everyone was checking detail of dresses and undergarment so closely…. ドレスや下着も隅々まで観察されて、ちょっと恥ずかしかったです~。

We had more relaxed time during after-party at near-by cafe. I was able to talk to each guests casually to get to know in person. What a great experience I had! Thank you so much for making this event so memorable !



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