20 inch A13T with a Burgundy Dress

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Friday, May 8th, 2009


Hello everyone! I have not updated my dolls for a while and realized it’s already May!

Some people are wondering if I am still making dolls, and yes, I am!

Lately I am making more dolls without dress or exact copy of dolls from my website so I don’t post them as a new doll.But I finally have a new doll to post and here she is. She is custom made 20″ A13T doll in red dress.

She has striking brown eyes and wearing rich dark red dress made entirely from antique material. These antique fabrics are hard to come by but very important to give doll ” aged look” and I am very pleased with the result. Please vist my front page bebesbysayuri.com to get more detail view of this beautiful doll.

I wish all mothers “Happy Mother’s Day”!






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