Starting new doll

I am working on my new doll, 16 inch Bru Jne 6 with antique body and antique Bru eyes! Yes, she will have original Bru Chevrot body torso and legs and original Bru eyes. I was going to show this doll in NYC this fall but I have decided to take a break rest of this year for touring, instead she will be available to public from my website. I am aiming to finish her by mid September since I will be traveling to Europe in October and she will be for sale in November. It sounds taking too long to finish one doll but I have so many plans with my private life this year, and I’d like to dress my undressed dolls from my private collection, so I am staying busy. I will be posting progress of this doll time to time. Please stay tuned!



I finished wet cleaning of  the head with eye hole opened, ready for bisque firing.


This will be part of her body. I will be making shoulder plate and Bru arms.


Extremely hard to find original Bru eyes! Bru eyes are more elongated than Jumeau eyes.


And they have high crystal domes. クリスタルドームの張り出しも素晴らしいです。


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