Workshop ” Making 14 inch Bru Jne 4 with Chevrot style body”

A Happy New Year! Finally Holiday season is over and I am ready to get back to normal routine. Are you?  I like to start 2018 by announcing exciting plan ” workshop to make 14 inch Bru Jne 4 with Chevrot style body” in my house this spring.  I have received so many requests to host event in US and I can finally schedule one this year. Instead of hosting event outside, I like to invite participants in my house to teach how to make small size Bru doll with Chevrot body like this little girl on photo below.

* The date will be May 25th through 28th 2018 , 4 full day seminar at my house in Reno NV.                                                                                                                    * Cost of the event will be $700 per person and this includes bisque blank Bru Jne 4 head, all body parts ( bisque SP, bisque Bru arms, composition lower legs) , all materials to make Chevrot style body including patterns, lunch for 4 days. * Participants will be painting Bru face focusing on eyebrows, lashes and lips and I will show you how to make the Chevrot style body step by step.                              *  Number of seat of this class will be 4  because I like to keep it as small class.      * I will transport participants from and to Hotel since my house is located  about 30 min drive away from hotel in town.                                                                           * Participants are responsible to book hotel and flight. 

I will post more details about the event later on but I just want to know if anyone interested at this point. If you do, please email me at to inquire. Hope I could make this happen this year!



* 日程 アメリカ時刻 2018年5月25日から28日までの4日間のセミナー

* 場所 リノネバダにある私の自宅

* 参加費 お一人様700ドル 参加費に含まれる内容はBruJne4ビスクブランクヘッド、ビスクSP、Bruビスクアーム、コンポジションレッグ、シェブローボディ制作の材料、ボディパターン、4日間のランチ

* セミナー内容 BruJne4ヘッドの眉毛、まつげ、唇の描き方を中心とした絵付けの指導、アンティークのシェブローボディに忠実なボディ制作の指導

* 定員は4名です。クラスはなるべく小さくしたいのでこの人数での募集です。

* リノ市内のホテルから私の家まで車で30分ほどなので、その間の送迎は私がします。参加者の皆さんはホテル、飛行機の予約を各自でお願いいたします。


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