Circle Dot Bru head

If you are wondering when I am going to start making a new doll, it’s not that I am not doing anything. 🙂  I have been busy trying to figure out how to prepare workshop in May and being bit slow to start new doll project.  Meanwhile, I noticed few Circle Dot Bru heads with half painted laying around on my desk for few years. ( they are dated 2015) I have decided to finish them just for fun while I am running kiln for other project. Looks like I gave up painting because I could not accept doll head with uneven eye cut back then. Circle Dot Bru head is very challenging to paint because if I don’t paint right, it can turn into very ” ugly” face. But without practice, I won’t be able able to improve my skill anyway, these are perfect material for that purpose. Her eye cut is very uneven but I can see it as her charming character now. Funny how our brain seem to be able to adopt negative images as a positive one in overtime.


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