Workshop report

My very first workshop in US was very very successful! Thank you so much for 5 participants who came to attend this class from all over the country. My goal was to create 14 inch  Bru Jne 4 with Chevrot body in 4 days. It usually takes at least one month for me to make this type of doll so in order to finish this in just 4 days, l pre-made most of the parts as a kit. What we did in class was painting head in the morning and crafted the body in the afternoon. My painting technique was apparently very different from other doll makers and I was surprised and pleased to hear that it made them easier to paint Bru face. On the other hand, creating Chevrot body is extremely complicated and time consuming. I was not sure if we can finish this during class but we did it! All bodies came out beautifully so were the heads. We were all pleased how beautiful each Bru turned out when we assembled the body and attached eyes. We actually finished ahead of schedule so we used extra time for playing with dolls by dressing and taking photos. This was one of the most challenging event I have ever done so far but it was worth taking chance. Meeting new people and working together for 4 days was an amazing experience since I rarely get to see other doll artists in person. I hope to host another workshop in future ( probably next year) to share the knowledge and friendship with new people!


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